Monday, July 06, 2015

This website does not supply ownership information


HTTP connections generally don't supply any reliable identity information to the browser. That's normal. HTTP was designed to simply transmit data, not to secure the data it transmits.

"This website does not supply ownership information." ::: This simply means the connection to the website or blog is unencrypted. So, it's technically not possible to guarantee that the browser is connecting to the site which is shown in the address bar. Mozilla says this is the default text for each http://-website.

The only way for websites to "supply ownership information" would be through a secure connection and an "Extended Validation Certificate" which will cost a few hundred USD and upwards per year at the relevant certificate authorities:

If the "This website does not supply ownership information." error prevents you from loading a webpage in Windows,  use Ctrl+Shift+K (Control-Option-K on Mac) to open the web console, deactivate the css, js and security filters, and press F5 to reload the page, to show all the requests of the page. Nexct, adjust the code for each line which is showing "mixed content", i.e. change the appropriate parts of your code to use https:// or, depending on your case, protocol-relative URLs.

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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

"People incidentally encounter the news on Facebook. They actively seek it out on Twitter." DO YOU AGREE?

I rely on a variety of sources to quench my personal (and professional) thirst for fresh news. I get a lot of mileage out of my twitter account: the 300+ twitterers I follow supply me with uber ledes to pursue in story development. But Facebook, as a source for news? Hardly! I find facebookers posting a lot of old headlines as though they were new stories. If I had to chart my news sources, here's my top 5:

  • 1 - Online newspapers, radio stations and magazines 
  • 2 - Twitter 
  • 3 - Drudge Report 
  • 4 - Instagram 
  • 5 - Sina Weibo

I realize that I'm not listing Facebook, frankly because I have gotten maybe one or two tips from the Social network over the past 6 months that I was able to turn into something more. Don't get me wrong, it is a great resource for gathering background info and making contacts, but it is not (at least not for me) a source of raw material for news. And sorry to say, Linked-In (now Spammed-In) would be at the bottom of any list I would compile.

What are YOUR thoughts?
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Podcasting 101 with 19+ Free Tools to Start A Podcast From Scratch

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"There are already entirely too many podcasts. For every engrossing show on iTunes there are another sixty bordering on torturous." ~ Kevin Dupzyk

Have YOU been thinking of podcasting? I have, but if and when I put out a podcast or two, I'll be doing it with minimal effort, possibly in conjunction with my TV show. Meantime, I have found some interesting articles to help us get our podcasts up and (hopefully) running! Click the image above or any of the highlighted links!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Best Post Times To Tweet, Facebook, Instagram


Q. When's the best day and time to post on social media?

A. No one really knows for sure. There are studies and analyses and studies and reports and studies... but which are most accurate?

Personally, I get the biggest bang for my tweet between 0500 and 0900 New York time. Weekend afternoons are great. Friday nights between 9 and Midnight also. I think the "niche" factor plays a big role, and those niches that appeal to people who are at work or school during the day will naturally see more action between, say, 9 to 5.

A different niche might be embraced by those workers who are not permitted or just don't have the time or access to be online during that 9-5 period. They're on during the bus or train commute, anywhere from 4:30-8pm.

So take the numbers in my Instagram chart with a grain of salt. Or two.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

How a 16-year-old tricked the New York Times into reporting that Dylann Roof blogged about “My Little Pony”

You can't make this stuff up. Can you?
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