Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tony Winner & Hip Hop Poet Lemon Andersen @UAlbany

The University at Albany Foundation presents

In conjunction with the Writers Institute, Performing Arts Center, and University Art Museum

This series of events focuses on the life and work of Lemon Andersen, writer, performance artist, screen actor, and Tony Award-winning poet. Lemon is also a three-time felon who grew up in Brooklyn, the child of a Puerto Rican mother and Norwegian American father, both heroin addicts who died of AIDS before he was fifteen. Left to fend for himself, he dropped out of high school and spent years in jail and on probation. His attempts at rehabilitation faltered until he attended a poetry reading and discovered he had a gift for expressing himself through words. This series celebrates Lemon’s journey to transform his life through art.

October 24 (Friday): Film screening, 7:30 p.m., Page Hall, 135 Western Avenue, Downtown Campus
November 1 (Saturday): Film screening, 9:00 p.m., Recital Hall, Performing Arts Center

Directed by Laura Brownson and Beth Levison
This intricately crafted documentary follows Lemon’s struggle to free his family from poverty and pain by embarking on a daunting journey to bring his life story to the stage. The movie features the music of hip-hop phenoms Kanye West, Mos Def, and Talib Kwel.

November 6 (Thursday): An Evening with Lemon Andersen
Presentation — 7:00 p.m., University Art Museum, Fine Arts Building

In an intimate setting, Lemon discusses his life and work, focusing on what nurtures him as an artist and how that has been the salvation in his life. An original cast member of the Russell Simmons Def Poetry Jam on Broadway (2002-2003), Lemon shared the 2003 Tony Award for Best Special Theatrical Event. Lemon is the author of two poetry collections, Ready Made Real (2004) and County of Kings (2009), which earned the Grand Prize at the 2010 New York Book Festival. Also an actor, Lemon has appeared in the Spike Lee films Miracle at St. Anna (2008), Inside Man (2006), She Hate Me (2004), and Sucker Free City (2004).

Monday, October 20, 2014

#MusicMonday Come Home Dc5

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

#Ebola WhatsApp

BBC has launched an Ebola public health information service on WhatsApp, aimed at users of the service in West Africa.

The service will provide audio, text message alerts and images to help people get the latest public health information to combat the spread of Ebola in the region.

Content will be released 3x each day, in English and French.

To subscribe, send 'JOIN' via WhatsApp to +44 7702 348 651

To unsubscribe, send 'STOP' via WhatsApp to the same number.

One the major "chat apps" in use in Africa, WhatsApp is being used as a means of reaching people in the region directly via their mobile phones.

Ebola: A Poem for the Living - United Methodist Communications, Chocolate Moose Media and iheed have collaborated to produce an animated video for use in West Africa that helps dispel myths about how Ebola is spread and promotes prevention of the disease.

Ebola: A Poem for the Living (English) from United Methodist Communications on Vimeo.

Dr. Meryl Nass writes at the Anthrax Vaccine blog. ::: "Testing people at airports is rather meaningless since someone could be infected with Ebola and not show symptoms, like increased temperature, for three weeks. Thomas Eric Duncan didn't show symptoms when he came to the U.S. from Liberia. Clearly the CDC was wrong to allow nurse Amber Vinson to fly on a commercial flight. Unfortunately, these are just the most obvious and most recent of the problems of the CDC responses to the Ebola outbreak."

    See Nass' recent blog entry, "Current clinical thoughts on Ebola," which raises ten critical points. The first is: "Even the best containment gear, combined with a diluted bleach solution to spray down workers as layers are removed, and a buddy system that requires another healthcare professional to watch how healthcare workers take off their personal protective equipment, is not perfect. Medecins Sans Frontieres / aka Doctors Without Borders / aka MSF workers used the best equipment and methods we know, still 16 MSF staff became infected with Ebola, and nine of them have died." Her most recent entry is: "Aerosolization tests of Ebola in Animals at USAMRIID [U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases] confirms disease can spread via air." 

Also, see Oct. 7 piece by David Willman of the Los Angeles Times, who won the Pulitzer for his coverage of the anthrax attacks of 2001, which were found to originate in a U.S. government lab: "Some Ebola experts worry virus may spread more easily than assumed." Also, see Oct. 8 editorial from the Times: "Effort to prevent panic over Ebola went too far."

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

via @ThisIsSethsBlog : Avoiding Magical Thinking

Here's an article that's truly a pleasure to share. It transcends all of the nonsense and hoopla marketing ploys the self-annointed "web gurus" will throw your way. And it's powerful message for ANYONE attempting to do ANYTHING.

Hard work is at the root of popular acceptance and recognition in whatever field you're striving to make a mark or have a presence in. Simply click on the image at left to read the full article, or click here to visit the blog where it first appeared. For this post, someone else did the heavy-lifting. Here’s to reblogging!

While this post is basically a re-blog, I'd like YOUR OPINION on re-blogging or reblogging. Tumblr and Vine basically pioneered the process. Some people believe great posts should be shared via whatever means available, be it twitter, facebook or re-blogging. I rarely reblog, unless I really like something. I think reblogging is a great tool for spreading good ideas and great blogs. What do YOU think?

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Guilderland Murder Mystery

The Capital Region collective news focus in recent days has been on the deaths of four family members in Guilderland, in an incident that apparently took place in broad daylight. At Guilderland Town Hall Thursday morning, Albany County District Attorney David Soares, Guilderland Police Chief Carol Lawlor, and State Police Captain Scott Coburn updated the media, although with limited information, on the quadruple murder that occurred Wednesday afternoon at 1846 Western Ave. It’s a busy stretch near Crossgates mall; one lane was closed off as investigators from several agencies converged on the house.

“The call came in yesterday afternoon as an EMS call. When police arrived they realized it was a homicide scene, and an investigation began," said Lawlor. DA David Soares said the investigation is in its infancy and stressed that any information that the public may have should be turned over to law enforcement.

Chief Lawlor confirmed four victims; a 37-year-old male, 39-year-old female, and two male children, ages 7 and 10, all of Asian descent. The children were confirmed as students at Guilderland Elementary School.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 1-800-GIVE-TIP.

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