Friday, September 30, 2016

Computer Tech support scam is back in Upstate New York

Buffalo, NY (September 30, 2016)-- Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York’s Scam Tracker is receiving reports again of scammers pretending to offer tech support to unsuspecting users.
There are three types of tech support scams. The first is a phone call from a “specialist” at a computer company. The second type is a pop up on your computer, wanting you to call a number to fix the “problem” your computer has. Ransomware is the third type. These programs lock your computer and demand payment to release your files. Be careful not to give in to this request. You could be a target again because the scammers know they have someone who will do what they say.
Reports to BBB’s Scam Tracker:

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The 1st of the #Debates2016 left us SPEECHLESS!

You'll never guess what happened to @realDonaldTrump and @HillaryClinton

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Friday, September 16, 2016

Miley Cyrus on 'The Voice,' working with Woody Allen and Crisis in Six Scenes

Looks like Ms. Cyrus gets the best of both worlds! Miley tells the TODAY show that mentoring artists on “The Voice” is part of her philanthropic life. The 23-year old is featured in Woody Allen's groundbreaking TV series "Crisis in Six Scenes," which spins teh tale of a middle-class suburban family in the 1960s that gets thrown into confusion by the arrival of a hippie love child (Cyrus). Crisis in Six Scenes debuts on Friday, Sept. 30 on Amazon Prime Video.

The Case Of JonBenét Ramsey

After two decades, the unsolved murder mystery of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey — which left many transfixed — reawakens via CBS’ new miniseries: The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey

Back in the late 90s I met a gentleman by the name of Lance Matthews who told me a fascinating story about time he served in a Colorado jail, and his cellmate, J.T. Colfax, a performance artist who made off with a page from the morgue containing information relating to the JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case.

Matthews stayed in touch with J.T. Colfax, created a web site of Colfax's art work, case documents, and correspondence. Matthews acted as his messenger, advocate and mouthpiece on several Ramsey case discussion forums.

At the time I was doing a cutting-edge overnight talk radio show based in Albany, New York, streamed over the Net. I also conducted IRC chats and accepted faxes and phone calls from listeners all over the world! My radio shows on the Ramsey case ran from November 11, 1998 through May 1, 1999.

The radio shows were recorded live off the Internet by ACandyRose and were converted to RealAudio where they were put on the the Webdollie Real Audio web site owned and operated by ACandyRose.  Several sites also produced transcripts of the programs. Matthews used the Webdollie web site URL as part of his hard copy promotional advertising of the radio shows but would not admit until months later that the web site was created and owned by ACandyRose. Matthews comments to ACandyRose on May 8, 1999 as to why he never gave her credit for her work: "I also thought if I credited you that some people would allow there bias and prejudice to stand in the way of reading and hearing the wonderful job you did on the RA and transcriptions."

As a reporter interested in the case (and a talk radio host looking for a strong topic off the beaten talkshow path), meeting Lance was like having manna fall from heaven. Over the course of several months Lance was able to contact and invite most of the key players and investigators of the case to be guests on my program. Lance was the greatest radio talk show producer who ever lived, IMHO! But, the series eventually ended, and, in that end, there was only speculation, with just a sliver of hope. Fast Forward to 2016!

Here is a small collection of links relating back to my connections with the Ramsey Case:

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​Here's what you need to know about each of them.

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