Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Here's what outbrain does to my PC! I cropped the picture (kicking self now) so you can't see the words "" at the bottom of the lower left part of the screen.

block is one damn annoying system-freezing service! Do you have the virus or is your computer routinely crippled by the site? Check for the virus and remove it here.

In 2014, Nick Douglas developed a method of blocking “Around the Web” links, which oft are outbrain generated.

You can also check your browser cookies for [yourname] and delete... matter of fact, search for anything *.outbrain and delete. mimics Google and may return forged search results that clearly differ from the ones that are displayed by Google.

You may have to reset your browser to default parameters. This page will guide you.

Quick Links to Removal Guide!

bultRemove modified browser homepage and other settings!

bultReset Mozilla, Chrome or Internet Explorer browser settings (Optional)! Removal Tool to Remove malware Automatically!

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Disabled man told subsidized housing is for Muslims only

A young wheelchair user has been taken off the waiting list for a publicly subsidized apartment because he is not a member of the Muslim community that established the building — a practice that, while legal, raises concerns that accommodations for cultural and religious groups could be limiting access to affordable housing. According to a letter…

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fix without a password - C:\windows\system32\c_1252.nls is missing or corrupt

Horror of horrors! WinXp fails to open! Webfixes can be found but, what the heck is the administrator password? If I did write it down somewhere, back in 2009, it's long lost in a notebook or pile of papers. I took my time to repair my desktop, as I didn't want to lose any files or have to re-install mountains of updates.

1 I went to my xp latop, searched for, located and copied the same file onto a USB stick. Since this is a 'common error' when googled, I'll keep a copy of the relatively small file on that flashdrive just in case it happens again or to another xp machine.)

2 When my machine first failed it wouldn't enter 'safe mode,' but being patient, I found that after exploring then rejecting the 'Setup' repair option, I was able to get into 'safe mode.'

3 Now it's a cakewalk! Use Windows explorer to get into system32, rename the c_1252.nls to c_1252.old and then open the USB and drag the c_1252 file I'd copied from the laptop into system32 directory.

4 exit, re-start and VOILA!

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Time's Up! Check Your Status On Ashley Madison

Have you (or maybe someone in your office) been naughty? Without a Tor browser or access to alternative internet space? Check your status at Trustify -or-

Monday, August 17, 2015

3 Smart Home Loan Alternatives to a Traditional Mortgage

It's never too late to make your move and get your piece of 'the American Dream' - Click Here to have a look then develop your own game plan!

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