Friday, August 25, 2006

Add Categories to a Blog*Spot blog

I've been looking for an easy way to add a "Category" listing to my sidebar. I read somewhere that Blogger has one in Beta right now, but I thought I'd poke around anyway and see if I could find something that would work. A few systems looked way too darn complicated. Then I found one by Eslam Ahmed Al-Morshdy, who blogs out of Alexandria (Egypt). I tried Eslam's Blogger Categories, but it didn't work! (Maybe for the same reason Blogger blog archiving doesn't work...)

UPDATE 6pm August 26
Well! Duh, Duh and Duh! After searching the web and finding nothing but a bunch of mind-numbing code-rich "solutions," I've managed to add a reliable 'Categories' section to the sidebar without all that! Now if you know how to add links to your sidebar, you'll be able to come up with a working category list! How did I do it? Just click on one of the category links and watch!

Categories (or are they Tags?) Blogger, web2.0
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manny hernandez said...

I did something similar to this in the past to address Blogger's shortcoming in providing tagging functionality, but ended up no longer doing it, since it was always an afterthought (not built in the Blogger interface, etc.)

My advice would be to hold off for a few more weeks, until the Blogger upgrade is done for you and at that point, tags will be a native part of your posting process. ;)

Hope this helps save you some hassle.

Carlene said...

Dave, exactly how DID you accomplish this?

Did you go into your blogger template and add it in manually? I see that it updates itself "automatically" as opposed to your "Previous Posts" which does not. I like the Tag Cloud feature.


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