Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ain't got no 'rati (TECHnorati, that is!)

One of the problems with closing down an old blog and moving to a new one is getting your regular readers and your traffic to move along with you. Once that's accomplished, half the battle is over! But the other half is teaching the search engine spiders to "find" your new URL, and it is especially difficult for Technorati. It's a great service, BUT, even though this new blog has been rolling along for some time now:
Compare that with my old blog:
I've emailed Technorati: in the past, personal, hands-on intervention by one of their people is apparently the ONLY WAY you can straighten this sort of thing out. I do have some questions: why does Technorati IMMEDIATELY recognize all LiveJournal and MySpace blogs, even when they're not really blogs in the technical sense of the term, and the people on them haven't registered with Techrnorati and in many cases don't even know what Technorati is? ? Most LJ and MySpacers could care less about T'rati! Those who do like to have their blog posts available via T'rati (like me) get locked out! Go Figure!

I'm hoping T'rati can fix this: if not, I'm going to replace their searchbox on my blog with one provided by another service. (If you notice the T'rati searchbox gone, that means I got one too many an email from a frustrated reader!) The good news: Google's Blogsearch and several other blog oriented search services ARE spidering this blog! Here's a sample of what I found when searching for "problems issues trouble" + "technorati"---

Why Technorati sucks
Almost two months to answer a frickin trouble ticket :) technorati :(
Technorati is broken!

What really astounds me, once again, is how the LJ and MySpace pseudo-blogs seem to be so accurately cataloged and recognized and updated byTechnorati... could there be something corporate going on here?
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