Friday, August 25, 2006

Azlina Jailani: Lina Joy

Does a Muslim have a right to convert to another faith? 40-something Lina Joy (who was formerly known and is still known as Azlina Jailani) is a Malay Muslim born in Malaysia. azLina converted to Christianity in 1998, and has been "fighting to switch" since. She last showed up in the MSM in 2004 and on the Blogosphere in 2005! azLina's family lives in the US. al Qurawiyy stopped by to see them.


US-based Pajamas Media joins with the MSM in covering this story. But why NOW? What makes covering this story more important today?

In Jailani's native Malaysia:
"...While Muslim-majority Malaysia is considered a largely moderate, modern society, renouncing one's Muslim faith still is considered both sinful and illegal by Islamic authorities -- who have gained increasing sway of late. Ms. Joy's apostasy case, now before Malaysia's highest court of appeal, has inflamed public debate, divided the legal community -- a Muslim lawyer supporting Ms. Joy has received death threats -- and threatens to set off political tremors in this Southeast Asian nation of 25 million people.

The landmark legal ruling, expected within a month, will help define Malaysia's character as a nation." - WSJ
Though religious people may say that it's a blessing that azLINA was born into Islam, it doesn't change the premise that people need to make their own choices

Those of you not familiar with Lina Joy Case can visit:

NECF - Lina Joy Case (1) March 17, 2005

NECF - Lina Joy Case (2) July 5, 2006

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  1. im just an ordinary Muslim.. happens to read your entry here...
    And i also read some of the 'hot stories' of Lina from other blog.

    I do respect her choice. But again.. this is Malaysia.

    Why such an event had such a massive attention and provoke us... the whole Malaysian's muslim?

    Simple... this kind of case never happen in our country. And Lina must have known that Muslim is not allowed to convert. Hence, she challenged our goverment. She want - the the word "muslim" to be erase on her i.d.

    Malays are very sensitive when involving our religion. Im sorry, Lina...

    But you're totally an idiot.

    You've insulted our sacred religion - Islam by converting to Christians. That is why we, Mulims felt very angry.

    If Malaysian practise an Islam rule, "hudud"..
    she would be dead right now.

    And how would the world react?


    Every action will end up with consequences...

    There's no human rights when comes to the religions.

    May Allah forgive you, Lina.

  2. When stating that there is no human rights when it comes to religions, you are merely putting your foot into your MOUTH.
    Islam, Christianity and Judaism brought ALOT of humanity to people so many thousands of years ago. Ending the slavery trade, banning the killing of female infants (because boys were preferred), and so many other injustices were brought to an end with the dawn of the three great world religions.
    So ok, you're not allowed to convert to another faith if you're muslim in Malaysia. This is absolutely ridiculous. A person is only Muslim if both their HEART and their physical being agrees with the faith. There is no point in just merely "declaring" that one is a Muslim or having it printed out on their identity card, when truly, they dislike or do not practice the faith in the true form. Lying, slandering, gambling, drugs, violence. All this is prohibited in Islam. But why are there so many Malays doing it then, and yet, claiming their Muslim.
    Its not the shallow proclamation that disgusts me, its the "I'm better than you because I'm Muslim and I wear a headscarf.." attitude that I received in Malaysia.
    I'm Muslim too. I believe in the 5 pillars of faith, truly believe the religion itself, in its essence, has brought peace,serenity and meaning to many people's lives.
    But Muslims in Malaysia, and everywhere else must understand, that we CANNOT force a person to believe in a faith, if they wholehearted reject it.If they reject it and don't believe it, what is the point of just having a Muslim name and pretending to be one?
    Let Lina go already. Its her life, and God knows we tried.
    I quote the Quran:

    ["Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects Taghut (evil) and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trust worthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things. " (Qur'an 2:256)]

  3. why force someone? if you force someone to do something then it is gangsterism.only gangsters force you to do something.if you don't then they kill you.being religious from my understanding, is not being a gangster or be a part of gangsters.your religion is for you to follow and not to make others cannot guarantee a place in heaven if anyone follows your religion because you are not god of that religion.who are you to put someone to death just because they believe in something or someone.this only reminds me of nazis in germany who put jews to death for their beliefs.

  4. I agree with you me, we are Muslims and should be muslims forever, from the day we born till the day we die. And, Syukur Alhamdulillah or Thank to our God that Lina Joy case is settled and she fails her case. I pray to God that Azlina will repent and come back to her and our God, Allah S.W.T. So that, she won't regret when she die.
    For those who disagree with the result of the Azlina Jailani's case. Shut off your mouth and think, Islam is the major religion in Malaysia so please respect!
    We are not forcing her but we want to help her so that she won't regret whenever she faces the death!

  5. Leave Lina alone. No one can force anyone to believe anything. What is faith?Something that is believed especially with strong conviction.
    Let God be the judge. We are human, those of you who claim to be true Muslim look again at yourself.

    There are so many hypocrites who claimed to be Muslims. Those who wears headscarf claimed that they are better than those who don't wears it. but these are the group who wears 'Kebaya' a tight fitting Malaysian traditional dress, pants with short blouse, short sleeve t.shirt, wearing make-up but claimed they are doing it because of Islam. Aurat is what? Learn again. Aurat=Cover your beauty..but these are the hypocrites who asked other Muslim women to 'taubat' (ask forgiveness from God)These are the ladies/wives of Muslims/sisters/daughters who put on make up, wearing bright coloured dress and put all those glittering brooches on your headscarf and claim that those who don't wear headscarf are not covering their 'aurat' and not Muslims, munafik...bla bla
    Those Muslims who drinks, womanizing,marry more than one and neglect your first wife and children because of lust but claimed to be following the Sunnah are all bunch of Hypocrites!
    So leave Lina Joy alone, let her do what she thinks is right. Let God be the judge and by the way all us share the same God, and God has many names and the Muslims know only 99 names so don't claim others who call it differently is not believing in that same particular God. I believe God is One and for everyone and yes, it is OUR GOD.

  6. lina joy is only a woman desperate for popularity. Just ignore her, don't ever listen to her. If she so desperate, just get out of Malaysia and go to other country like US or UK. Shame you Joy.... and for all of you that pretend to defend her right, don't waste your time like i wasting my time to stop all this nonsense. lina joy, american idol is more suitable platform for you, but not Malaysian idol.

  7. pathetic...

    people like lina joy that gave religion a bad name. for her own agenda's (most likely to get a name for herself), she played the religion name, manipulate it to cause a controversy, and all this is for her to gain popularity and whatsoever ulterior motive she have..

    religion is sacred...what each and every one believe is sacred..please do not use it, blemish religion names, then add human right and whatever right into it...

    if she doesnt like to a muslim and if she dont like it to be in malaysia, in all means, please go somewhere whatever you like...just to provoke people sensitivity and cause such a so call "crusade"..this is not a holy war or anything..just a woman wanted to gain her 5minutes of fame...

  8. if lina loses her appeal then palestinians should lose their ambition to gain total freedom from israel. israel is doing what it believes in.if israel believes only jews should be allowed to be in israel, then the rest should get does that seem right?no need to question about human rights when it comes to palestinians!

  9. palestine ? it's palestinian land that israel taken & ousted palestinian people from their own soil..its palestian people that being kill and its palestinian homes that being destroyed..

    human right to the palestinians ? you must be joking..

    what about the ethnic killings in bosnia ? nobody blame any other religion for it..or have you forgotten ?

  10. when it came to lina's issue, human rights about freedom of religion was not a concern.if human rights is a concern in the palestinian issue why not in lina's case?

  11. i was shocked when i first read the article about Lina Joy, i'm an asian Born muslim with both malay and chinese descent, and i do understand my religion, in ISLAM we have to respect other religions and people from other religions, personally, not a long time ago, i found ISLAM is the best way to put my faith in this life.
    I'm sad to hear the case of lina joy and all other converts in Malaysia, yes i respect their choices not to choose islam anymore as their religion, but it doesn't mean i respect their decision to make their families ( and all the muslim people) feel insulted. i still remember years ago in malaysia, nor aisyah bokhari even talked bad about her parents and brothers...
    Put a faith in a religion is not a game, and it's not because you want to marry someone or something..
    if you convert and then insult your so called "ex religion" it means you also disrespect your past...
    THerefore i strongly disagree with those missionaries job, no hard feeling, but they make religion as an item to sell.. reach target and done. you can not tell someone to convert to your religion......
    Stupid Lina Joy and especiallu nor aisyah bokhari.. Your parents must have been sad and devastated..
    for me i don't care ... but May Allah... GOD.. forgive you all

  12. Lina has the right to believe in whatever religion she wants.Religion is not suppose to be a trap.She even has the right not to believe in God.She has the right of not having a religion at all.Anyone who forces their religion is stupid and not mature.

  13. let us pray..hopefully she get her "hidayah" back.....maybe she just tooo deep in love then made a wrong choice and you guys know what happen then...pray..n pray...for that poor woman...

  14. lina joy is not stupid and not fame-crazy... she is simply a woman who has found peace in another religion. Why cause so much controversy u say? do u think she likes receiving death threats from extremists and now has to go into hiding because of it? I respect the Islam religion, but it puzzles me why they wont allow lina to be converted into another religion? Its the quality not the quantity tat matters. wats the use of keeping lina islam when she doesnt even BELIEVE in it.. she'll be like a zombie.. islam in no ways but on her identity card.
    True.. migrating to another country would be so much simpler. But she just wants to be accepted for who she is now, especially in her homeland. All this controversy is just paving the way for all others like her.
    Just keep an open mind and an open heart.
    All this chaos is just giving muslims in this country a bad impression.. yet again...

  15. Religion is supposed to be a pathway to God.There are many ways to KL and there are many ways to God.Somebody who comes from penang must follow a different road compared to someone from johor.Therefore religions are for people to choose to reach the ultimate destination that is God.Why do some people think that religion itself is God?It is only a pathway.Therefore if Lina chooses Christianity then let it be why force her to follow a road that she does not want.She knows where she wants to go and has decided on her own road so why are others anxious?The only reason is money and power.The money and power of the dominant religion.In truth no one cares about God...they care about money and power. Jesus said :You cannot love 2 masters - God and Money, you will love one and hate the other.
    Those who love money actually hate God.These people are clever hypocrites.

  16. Lina joy,just go to another country...go ...just can go anywhere...don't provoke or make us Malaysian arguing about shouldn't happen..I can't accept this case because she's already born as a muslim. I can accept siti fatimah@tan E.G but not her. A woman is seeking for fame and proud to tell she can destroy the harmony of this country....she thinks she defend her advice just ask her to go another country.. Go..go..go...


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