Friday, August 25, 2006

Chocolate City Update

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has taken a shot at the Big Apple, mocking rebuilding efforts at ground zero in defending his own city's reconstruction. Some people think he's nuts... or worse! Others believe Nagin should be silenced. What do YOU think?
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Anonymous said...

I kind of like Nagin. As politicians go.....he's at least entertaining. I mean, put him up next to a John Kerry or a Howard Dean or a Joe Lieberman. Can you imagine just how awful the '08 election will be having to hear endless lying blathering from the whole host of dweebs, has beens and wanna be's from both parties? Haven't we already heard and seen that crap long enough? But hey, Nagin? He's off the wall; you never know what he's going to say or if it's going to make any sense. So what's it matter with Nagin? Like I said.....he's fun to watch!

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