Friday, August 25, 2006

Dashed Dreams and Orphaned Technology

Grab one of these PXL 2000s if you see it at a garage sale--- they're worth HUNDRED$$

What if certain devices had been allowed to flourish and evolve, had been refined, updated, tweaked, etc?

Did you know that a major player in the world electronics market was once working on associating MIND power with common appliances? "We found out experimentally that ESP exists," Sony spokesman Masanobu told Benjamin Fulford of the South China Morning Post.

What if... SONY hadn't shut down the dream factory? Would we have technology in use today rivalling Goa'uld technology depicted in the TV series Stargate SG-1?
"Why would one of the world's leading technology companies get involved in the marginal world of telepathy and clairvoyance? Certainly not for the greater good of humankind. No, Sony clearly intended to commercialise psi technology. Never mind that most scientists and engineers don't even believe psi exists; their skepticism would be moot if someone could create something -anything - useful based on psi.

A wealth of ideas based on psi technologies has been bandied about in the literature over the past couple of decades. These range from a wheelchair for quadriplegics controlled solely by intentional thought to a lock based on mental patterns rather than on fingerprints or retinal patterns. " (read more)
What if... CBS had been allowed to continue producing and refining it's mechanical color televison set? Would we have had HDTV 20 years ago?

Back in the 1950's people used to make monthly payments on their TV sets. Something like 7 or 9 dollars q month to the store where you bought your TV. Keep in mind that TV's were quite expensive: the "CBS-Columbia" Color Television Receiver, manufactured by Air King was offered to the public at $499.95. The first Commercial Color Broadcast -- was by CBS, on June 25, 1951 at 4:35PM EST, over station WCBS, New York, for the Ed Sullivan show. In 1954, the new RCA CT-100, an all-electronic, fully compatible color television set using the NBC Color System was released: Price: $1,000. (That's $7,000 in today's dollars!) It had a 12-1/2 inch viewable screen size. The price of a new car in 1955 was around $1500. What "they" are trying to do, is get "us" back on the system of making monthly payments for TV sets. Have you checked the prices of plasma and HDTV sets? 3-thousand bucks for a TV set is about $2800 too much for me!

What if... Fisher-Price had continued developing the PXL camera? Would we eventually be watching TV shows and movies taped onto standard audiocassettes?

What if...
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Gian Faye said...

Interesting read. Creepy, though. Reminds me how bored people are to invent things that let us go beyond what is possible.

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