Saturday, August 19, 2006

God, Hatred & Culture

Do you remember U2's "Sunday, Bloody Sunday," the Protestants vs. Catholics in Northern Ireland, in a war of hatred, bombings and killings, unspeakable horrors that lasted for years? Most folks in the US found this war very hard to fathom. It was all in the CULTURE.

Today, "Muslim" is a scarey, dirty word. I have Muslim friends, and I know of many Muslim bloggers. They are good people. They're just like you and I. Because of 9/11, Americans are hyper-sensitive when it comes to Muslims and Islam. Hmmm... howcome NO ONE was hypersensitive when it came to Protestants or Catholics during the conflict in Northern Ireland? Because THEY (both sides) were US! We couldn't take one side over another. Whether you were Christian, Muslim or Jewish, how could you pick one side over the other? It was so CULTURAL in nature, you just couldn't decide!

I found evidence of "Culture Clash" in two posts on two different blogs:

"A British blogger has been suspended from his job with British telephone company Orange because of something that he wrote for a conservative blog. Inigo Wilson developed a listing of words that are commonly used by leftists and he defined those words in a humorous, but truthful, way. Apparently some of his definitions did not go down well with a Muslim group of whiners and their protests to Orange have gotten Wilson at least temporarily suspended from his job while Orange completes its investigation into the whole affair." (more from Sam Houston)

"The correct way is for the Muslims in particular and mankind in general to examine their ideology in the light of the living Book of Allah Almighty the Quran. They should retain what the Book condones. All other notions should be discarded. The focal point of the Quran is the Law of Returns says, that every human action bears a result, sooner or later. That makes Man responsible for his actions." (more from Muslim Woman)
What's obvious here is that battle lines are needlessly being drawn. Perhaps certain "powers that be" would like to see religion "demonized," so they make priests and rabbis out to be child molesters, use the homosexual issues to divide and conquer certain Christian denominations while making Muslims in general out to be terrorists. Pull the morality rug right out from under every God-fearing God-loving citizen. Great! Just great!

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and here's one for the road!

Former Cynthia McKinney Staffer Michael Burwick Fired. Possibly Because He Revealed He is Jewish. (Video Link)

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jodetoad said...

I agree about battle lines, as regards religion.

It is probably human nature to want to label, and when we feel threatened, we want to identify the threat.

I view the terrorists as being much the same as organized crime. Unfortunately, it receives enough support that the host communities appear to be unable to combat it.

It is too simplistic to conclude that because the perpetrators follow Islam, the root cause is Islam.

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