Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Here's Kelis!

Kelis Rogers
Harlem, New York

Kelis is one of a very small number of unusual, non-traditional black female R&B/Rap artists. She is endearing because she is unique, and when hip hop passes on, it is likely Kelis will still be standing! Er, I mean, making milkshakes... anyway, Kelis' music makes for a listening experience that's off the map! Her new CD is out...

New York Magazine cuts to Kelis' heart and soul, via an on-target article:
The men’s magazine King once decreed Kelis “hip-hop’s hottest housewife,” her biggest hit, 2003’s “Milkshake,” a tribute to the effects booty shaking has on the mammary glands, she taunts: “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard / They’re like, it’s better than yours  … I can teach you but I have to charge.” On her current single, “Bossy,” from her new album, Kelis Was Here, she calls herself “the bitch y’all love to hate.” Her provocations are amusing but haven’t endeared her to R&B’s all-important female audience, which prefers its divas to at least pretend they’re vulnerable. At a time when fallen pop stars will cry off their false eyelashes to regain our love, Kelis declares, “You don’t have to love me … but you will respect me.”
More Kelis:
★☆★☆ Kelis will be performing live at BET's 106 & Park with her band tomorrow! Make sure you don't miss it!
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