Sunday, August 20, 2006

SG-1 200

There are a handful of TV shows that have left their imprint on American culture. "Tonight," "I Love Lucy," "The Smothers Brothers," "MASH," "Seinfeld," "American Idol" and "Real World" immediately come to mind: you probably have a favorite or two. Have you noticed the way entertainment in general has morphed over the last five to ten years?
We see celebrities acknowledging and accepting their faults and agreeing to appear on Geico TV commercials in self-parodies (Burt Bachrach at the keyboards reminds us of Ted Cassidy's Lurch from the old Addams family TV sitcom). And howabout that dotcom commercial with David Carradine?

There are shows that made us laugh, shows that made us cry. One that has been a cult phenomenon over its 10 year run is Stargate SG-1. If you've never seen it, check your local library for the initial DVD with the series pilot, THEN go get the original movie... you'll have bearings from those two features that will make watching the series a more rewarding experience. Stargate SG-1 has raised quite a bit of viewer interest in the study of languages and archaeology while presenting morality plays regarding race, religion and freedom.

SG-1 broke new ground last week with its 200th episode, capping a spectacular 10-year run on television. If ever there was "must-see TV," this is it! The "puppet" segment is hilarious! That's twice in the last ten days we've gotten a good belly-laugh from watching a video presentation. Here's what some SG-1 fans are blogging:

"...i'm doin this from memory so i forgot some names and specifics sorry Ok i knew
this episode was gonna be funny but I was almost literally laughing at every
single line..."

"...the funniest Stargate episode I've ever seen.
Possibly the funniest single sci-fi TV episode I've ever seen. I had to pause it
more than once because I was roffling. So good. PS Yes, roffling is a word..."

"Anyone else rolling on the floor during this weeks episode?"

"OMG, that was so good. That episode was so... meta. It was singularly representative
of GenX geek culture in a way that makes me fall even more in love. I want to
hug a writer. All of them."

"Last Night 200th episode of Stargate SG-1 was a hoot! From the Wizard of Oz parody
to the Dr. in Wormhole X-treme! talking about the fan website to bring him back
and how the lead character had basically 'phoned-in' his performance..."

"...My favorite bit is when alien Vala tries to get her own storyline added, but only offers glosses on other, very familiar movie and TV tales. "If you're going to rip off something," the writer admonishes, "You're going to have to pick something way more obscure."

Cut to a pitch-perfect parody of a late, lamented sci fi show dear to my heart, one where Claudia Black (Vala) and Ben Browder clearly feel right at home.

"That's better," says the writer. "I have no idea what you're talking about."
By the way, is it just me and my browser or is it no longer possible to embed YouTube video in a blogger / blogspot post?

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  1. I like Stargate SG-1 ! This is about n°200 that we din't have in France yet. In witch "season" ?

  2. Heh, I had forgotten about the PUPPETS part when I wrote my first post! OMG, what was weird is how dead-on some of them looked, like Daniel Jacksons! Creepy. And as they walked through the gate I was thinking... now what about the wires?

  3. To answer Olivier SC, this was episode number six in season ten!!

    An amazing episode, and most definately one of my own personal favourites!! It'll be rewatched a lot over the next few weeks!

  4. To follow this up, SciFi announced that there won't be a season 11 of Stargate.

  5. I like stargate episodes it is an amazing and wonderful episode and i am a huge fan of this show over the last few years.


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