Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Smoking Cartoons Banned in the UK

The THOUGHT POLICE have arrived in 'Toontown: Under pressure from regulators and the U.K. anti-smoking lobby, Turner Broadcasting will edit out scenes of cartoon characters smoking in U.K. versions of classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons, including THE FLINTSTONES, TOM AND JERRY and SCOOBY-DOO, with more than 1,700 episodes to be re-edited!!!
Watching these 'toons didn't make me want to take up smoking, just as watching "Superman" didn't make me want to fly out of the window! How stupid government thinks people are! But it's Britain, as in "V for Vendetta," so, I guess it's "normal" there! Question: how long before "real people" programs like "The Saint" or "Perry Mason" are scheduled to undergo "re-editing?"
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Olivier SC said...

Sorry I can't write it in english ...

Jusqu'où ira le ridicule des intégristes du No smoking ?

Tom semblait aimer les Havanes !

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