Thursday, August 17, 2006

War Is Over (For Now)

While the media (and the blogosphere) experience a sugar-high with the JonBenet Ramsey story, the Middle East sighs a big sigh of relief, albeit likely a temporary one, with the end of fighting.

In The Beirut Spring, Mustapha blogs excerpts from The Economist article, "Nasrallah Wins The War." The "From Beirut to the Beltway" blog reviews Saad Hariri and Walid Jumblatt press conferences addressing recent developments in Lebanon. Lebanese political Journal blogs that Hezbollah has the Major Advantage:

Just two days ago, I was optimistic. But now, the very tiny window of opportunity the West and its Lebanese allies had to make a dramatic change has closed.

It's too late.

Hezbollah was the most prepared for the aftermath of this conflict. This is ironic because Israel's entire agenda was to keep Hezbollah from being prepared for anything ever again. Israel took great pride in the fact that all Hezbollah leaders fled to the bunkers. Yet, in those bunkers, Hezbollah was preparing for the next step.
No one is gladder it's over than the average Lebanese: if you click on the picture above you'll be whisked away to Eve's blog (ما تسألني is in Arabic, click on the exact same picture there and you'll be able to view more pictures of Lebanon "after" the war). If you cannot read Arabic, try Rosetta Stone or Universal translator software, or better yet, make friends with someone who knows the language and can translate while teaching you some basics... (hint) check with your local public library: many have volunteers who will assist you in language education.

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SkyePuppy said...

Perfect description: "sugar-high with the JonBenet Ramsey story."

Preparedness is not our strength, and especially not Olmert's strength. This war will have to be fought again, and next time will be worse.

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