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Bloggers Muslim Witch Hunt

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A little too too much today from bloggers like Michelle Malkin, attacking Muslims and Islam!
"Here she is. This is the body of Sister Leonella Sgorbati, the elderly Catholic nun shot in the back after Somalia jihadist Sheik Abubukar Hassan Malin stoked Pope Rage by declaring: "Whoever offends our Prophet Mohammed should be killed on the spot by the nearest Muslim."
These unappeasable animals mean what they say."
Whoa Michelle! Back up! We're talkin' Somalia as in Mogadishu as in "Black Hawk Down." If you've seen the movie, you KNOW what I'm talking about. If you have not seen it I urge you to rent it ASAP. "Animals" is correct if you are speaking of the people of Mogadishu. They have hated America for years, and would eat us for dinner if they could. They may pretend to be Muslims, or honestly believe they are, but I think they are not. They're more "tribal" in attitude and behavior than Muslim. Like some of the American Indians who were forced to convert to Christianity. They dressed in western clothes and played the roles and went to Mass, but they never stopped believing in their Great Spirit.

What Michelle and many others are doing now is pouring gasoline on fire. Bloggers are following like hapless lemmings, like this one:
"Hey, Dems. Hey, Ned Lamont. Perhaps we should try to be "nicer" to these rabid beasts. These nuns gave their lives to care for sick Moslem kids, in Somalia. No further comment needed."- Maggies' Farm
Maggie's Farm misses the point. It's Mogadishu, stupid! It's like that seedy neighborhood in your city that you wouldn't want your kids to go near... the "rabid beasts" again are these "tribals" depicted in Black Hawk Down.

Ah, the words and pictures posted tear through people's hearts like arrows! The Irish Republican Army were brutal terrorists but little words were said or written against them. Indeed, their "front man" Gerry Adams is always warmly welcomed when he visits the Capital Region! That whole Irish war deal--- how many of you Catholics and Protestants just looked the other way because YOU took the "Ostrich Policy" approach. But with Muslims, it's a "damn one, damn all" mentality.

Today's Sunday Gazette is running a column by Carl Strock entitled "Muslim Trial: Gotcha! But what for?" which asks why the FBI went through so much trouble to set up two Albany Muslims, an Imam and a Pizzeria owner, and arrest them on terrorism charges. For the sting, the FBI recruited a Pakistani who was caught dealing in fake driver's licenses and agreed to serve as a plant in order to avoid deportation. So he set the guys up from the start! [Mr. Strock's column is not available online at this time.]

Strock asks:
"Why didn't the FBI set up a couple of Irish-Americans and see if it could dupe them into believing they were laundering money on behalf of the terrorist IRA? ...
Why didn't they try to set up a couple of Jewish Americans and see if they could trick them into laundering money as part of a fictitious attack on the Palestinian mission to the UN?...
Or better yet, why didn't they look for real terrorists?"
Indeed! The Times Union's Fred LeBrun also weighs in on the issue:
"I fear what can happen here is no laughing matter at all. Justice is on trial."
Read on if you'd like to learn more about REAL Muslims!

An interesting video making the rounds on features young Muslim women discussing why they wear hijab.

From Roba's blog: "I thought this little video that discusses hijab with several young East Asian Muslims is really interesting. They have a lot of the prevalent stereotypes; the fashionista, the extremist, the “cool believer”, and the one who seriously believes in it completely out of her own conviction."
Watch the VIDEO

Back in 2004, I interviewed people involved with the film “Nothing To Hide,” which tells the story of Iman, a Muslim girl who struggles to be an American teen-ager while preserving her outward image and identity as a Muslim. HERE'S A SNIP OF WHAT I POSTED AT THAT TIME:
Schenectady High School junior Sharara Kazimi stars as Iman; other students acted in and worked behind the scenes on the movie, produced over the summer by High School Fine Arts teacher Tom Sarnacki for the Blue Roses Theatre Company’s annual Festival of Short Films. The event was held in July at Proctor’s Theatre and at the High School.

The movie was written by High School English teacher Noura Badawi, a 26 year old Muslim woman who has taught at Schenectady for three years.

“`Nothing To Hide’” tells a story about recognizing the inner beauty in ourselves and becoming comfortable in one’s own skin in order to find inner peace, said Badawi, who also appears in the film. “As an American Muslim, I feel that although Islam and Muslims are covered daily in the news, the American public has not been exposed to Muslims as everyday Americans who sometimes struggle with what it means to be American and Muslim.”
I think no one says it better (what it means to be American and Muslim) than a dear friend, who guest-blogged for me in 2005. Read:
"A young girl's response to anti-Islamic sentiment."
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1 comment:

  1. It's funny how when a Christian/Jewish person does something they never mention their religion but when a muslim person does something , they have to mention his religion.
    Since when did religion become such a big deal? last time I checked religion was a personal thing! My beliefs, my business and you have nothing to do with it.
    So, if a muslim man commits a crime then he definitly did it because he is muslim right? what about other non-muslims criminals? whats their excuse?
    People, you have to understand that there is a difference between religion and culture. I know that most arab or muslim societies cultures are influences by islam but still, there are alot of cultural norms and values that are not even related to religion.
    For example, most people think that FGI is related to Islam some how. They think that we are demanded to get circumcised by the Islamic law. No, its culture. It's a practice practiced in Muslim and NON-muslim regions!

    Trust me,I was not jumping aorund and laughing when 9/11 happened, It broke my heart and I felt horrible and helpless. just cause it was done by muslims it doesnt mean that all muslims are extremits. Islam teaches peace but sadly, some muslims misinterpret Islam and manipulate it to suit their own purposes. OTHER muslims don't accept or even like what they are doing. So, plz open your eyes and listen to us.


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