Saturday, September 23, 2006

Girls Fighting Girls

I read this article last week down at my friend's house in Mahopac. I was reminded of it today when I saw a small blurb in the Schenectady Gazette (no link available so I'm paraphrasing):
A Schenectady woman arrested for child endangerment... Police say 30-year old Nydia Robles of Bridge Street asked a group of young girls to beat up a 13-year old girl. They say Robles walked the group over to the 13-year old's address. Robles is charged with endangering the welfare of a child.
You know things aren't right when you have adults recruiting children to beat and kill other children. In the downstate case below, the media (newspapers and WCBS-TV) is keeping the name of the 28-year-old Cortlandt woman hushed up. Why? She's the REAL killer, if you stop and think about it! Read on!

Maybe it's the times we live in. High-school and Junior High girls can be mighty troublesome! Two young lives are forever changed: this is the story of Krystle Fernandez and Elsa Camacho. Elsa (pictured at left) is a young downstate girl who lost her life needlessly:
"On Saturday night, Kopy said, the 28-year-old woman went to Fernandez's home on Clover Road in Mohegan Lake to confront her. Fernandez wasn't home, but the older woman obtained her cell phone number, and the two then engaged in what police called heated telephone conversations. The woman learned that Fernandez was at the Cortlandt Homes apartments at 3496 Lexington Ave., police said.

The 28-year-old woman then went to the complex late Saturday to confront Fernandez, and recruited Camacho to go with her in case a fight broke out. Kopy said the older woman was afraid she could get in trouble for fighting with Fernandez.

The 28-year-old, Camacho and a 30-year-old Cortlandt woman who is related to Camacho went to the Cortlandt Homes and exchanged words with Fernandez. Police did not say if Fernandez was visiting the boy in question.

"The defendant was visiting friends," Kopy said.

They were arguing through a screen door, and Fernandez came outside. Then she and Camacho began fighting.

The two were rolling around on the ground when Fernandez (pictured at right) brandished a knife and stabbed Camacho at least eight times in the torso, Kopy said.

"We recovered two knives, one of which we believe was used in the fight," he said.

Kopy said police are looking into reports that the 28-year-old woman kicked Fernandez as she and Camacho were rolling around on the ground."   In November 2007, a jury found Fernandez not guilty in the death of Camacho.

The Journal-News has a place within Lower Hudson Online where readers can comment on the story (you must register to comment there).

Friends Kristopher James and Thomas Barnes, recorded an R&B
tribute they called “We All Miss U Elsa.” download it:


OUSSLANDER blogs Camacho "got what she deserves" --- here's a snippet:
"Elsa Camacho, 16, along with a 28 yr. old and 30 yr old went looking for Krystal Fernandez to kick her ass. Why? Because the 28 yr. old’s sixteen year old boyfriend was talking to the girl...Instead of lowering the flag at Elsa’s school they should use her bad behaviour as a example of how human beings should not act. Gee and it all happened at a housing project. BIG surprise there." [read the entire post]
I don't know, Ousslander. When I look at the pictures I see a child. We know kids make stupid choices from time to time. What stinks is this 28-year old woman and her apparent love endeavor with a young teenage boy.

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  1. I remember being so overprotective and jealous of you! I remember you giving me 1000 pictures of you every month! I remember walking to your house all the way from where i used to live by the river to where you lived in Hampton Oaks just to tlk to you, and i was looking for your house for literally 1:30 hours. LOVE! I remember going to church wit you every week not undastanding a word because the spoke in spanish, but it was for you babygirl. LOVE! I remember on Valentines Day, when i suprised you @ your skewl it Roses, a giant teddy bear, chocolate, and a giant ballon.and all you friends looking @ "us" wit envy! LOVe I remember the time when ME, YOU, MIKIE, and MAYA was in Mikies house tht night....aww man! I remember your soft lips and your soft touch. (damn i love your lips!) I remember all my lil advice tlks i wud give you about appreciating your moms and dad. I remember the day we first said we loved one another. And most importantly, I remember the day I made the worst mistake of my life and leaving you. I wish i cud turn back the hands of time. ckuz no one is perfet everyone deserves a second chance, wat wud life be w/o 2nd chances???? But even afta we wasnt together the love was still there babygirl. Truthfully, eventhough we both moved on. I know for a fact we come first in one anothers hearts because we were the ones who taught one another to even love. I dedikate the rest of my life to you babygirl. Every second, every minute, every hour! I kno theres nuttin i can really say right now to bring you back or make my sorrow stop. but you and i both know wat we had was real and always will be. 9-05-02 - 02-27-04 (yeah i remember tha dates) lol......damn thts a long time babygirl. I'm sitting here asking God why Elsa.....why my elsa.


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