Friday, September 22, 2006

Odds and Ends

Lockdown at Albany High School - It's a real shame. The situation at Albany High continues to deteriorate. I've blogged many times about the violence there. I still believe new leadership, a new school board and a new Superintendent, hopefully made up of SINCERE parents with children attending the school, not a bunch of people with self-serving political interests. I heard a kid tell one of the local radio stations that the problems at Albany High CANNOT be fixed. I also heard that calls radio and TV stations made to Superintendent Eva Joseph were not returned. The Times Union is asking "Do you think Albany High administrators are doing enough to ensure student safety?"
The Albany School Board, Dr. J, Mayor Jennings and Polcie Chief Tuffey are planning to meet on Sunday to develop strategy.

Calling LOCAL bloggers! - With winter coming, more people will be on the computer in the evening here in the northern latitudes. More PC time means more time to visit blogs! times. Three local blogs I check regularly are Upstream, The Albany Eye and Casey McNulty. Any other local bloggers out there I should know about? Please leave your details in one of the comments sections. I've got several blogders (readers) who are within 200 miles of Albany, and I feel these individuals would be my only readers if I was simply blogging about local issues. So I guess you guys are my "core" readership. How am I doing?

Easter Eggs - I was talking with another blogger about this yesterday. When you visit here, be sure to check any PHOTOS or ICONS that I post. I usually hide a link to soemthing else there. Just mouseover and click. You may be surprised1

Darned old blog! I'm still surprised that so many people are still clicking on my old blog, which has links that re-direct here. I shut that down in mid-August, but have continued posting ABOUT articles I post here, just to get them logged by Technorati, which hasn't bothered trying to clear up why it "can't see" my new blog. I have two trouble tickets with technorati, but ZERO help or response. The problems Technorati has now are the MySpace blogs (which aren't really blogs). Lest we forget, it took Technorati more than a year to "see" or recognize Chinese actress Xu Jinglei's blog as #1 in the world, even though its readership was DOUBLE the size of Technorati's #1 (which I think may have been Boing Boing, but correct me on that if I'm wrong). All of the abovementioned blogs are in one of my blogrolls at the right.

Politics, politics! Because we are drawing near to the HUGE election year of 2008, I'll be blogging a little more about politics and government, so don't be surprised if you see a additional blogroll of strongly political blogs. I'm kind of in a zone of my own here. I'm super-in-favor of INTERNATIONAL blogging, which is why I have found and listed so many great blogs & bloggers from other parts of the world. It's good to know what's going on and what people in other places are concerned about. I love news, so you see a lot of stuff here that's currently in the news. I look at Matt Drudge's page everyday, and Michelle Malkin's and LaShawn Barber's too!
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Charlie said...

The 2008 election will certainly be one to watch. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't send any of my kids to that school. My son says two kids from Albany High were actually shooting pistols behind a house along Washington Avenue on Thursday. That Eve Joseph should resign immediately.

Anonymous said...

Listed below are the five students who were arrested at Albany High yesterday and the charges associated.

Markel Mendoza, 384 First Street – 16YOA male charged with Disorderly Conduct

Jenay Lipscomb, 53 Myrtle Ave – 17YOA female, charged with Assault 2nd, Assault 3rd and possession of a noxious material – she is responsible for stabbing Amien Koonce

Elia Jackson, 400 Hudson Ave – 16YOA female, charged with Assault 3rd

Areaelis Arroyo, 275 Third St –17YOA, charged with Assault 3rd,

Ra’asia Nobles, 263 Third St –17YOA charged with Assault 3rd.

No specific details on what initiated the fight. Other than Amien Koonce being stabbed a staff member at the school was assaulted trying to break up the fight

Casey McNulty said...

Thanks so much for reading my blog and mentioning it in your blog! I'm very flattered.

I'll keep reading yours if you keep reading mine! :]

Thanks again for linking me.

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