Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Evening Report 9.30.06

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A little more than a month ago I was blogging about the likelihood the price of gasoline would rise to $4 by year end. Just the opposite is happening. Why?

I think the "powers that be" took notice when the housing market began to slip. There are many important elections coming up this year, 2007 and 2008. It wouldn't take long for the economy to be ruined. Not that it still couldn't happen: a natural disaster or terrorist strike could send the price of oil skyrocketing. Housing is going to take a dive, well, because it's time for a correction. Gasoline is the marrow flowing in the backbone of our economy: the automobile and the vehicle industry.

Tonight as I was filling up ($2.50 a gallon) the tank, I noticed other customers at the pump were filling up too! (Last month everybody was putting in $5 or $10 and that was it. Tonight it was $20 and up!) Indeed, one gas station manager told the media that when gas is priced lower, business is better = they make more money!

Scanning the news and the blogosphere tonight:

Michelle Malkin has found evidence of a video connected to 9/11, "Report: Mohammed Atta martydom video." Afghanistan is the setting, Osama bin Laden appears in a cameo.

Over at Northeast Intelligence Network, Independent Analyst Randy Taylor offers an In-depth Analysis of Video from Ayman al-Zawahiri. You may want to bookmark both Michelle Malkin and Northeast Intelligence Network, if you're following politics, terrorism and homeland security.

Speaking of politics, L'hebdomadaire Le Journal du Dimanche et la radio Europe 2 ont ouvert un site web, Genération 2007, doté d'un fil RSS et d'un blog thématique abordant une dizaine de thèmes sous le titre global "On s'en parle". On y trouve une vingtaine de fiches présentant les principaux candidats potentiels ou déclarés d'Arlette Laguiller à Ségolène Royal. H/T Pointblog

For bloggers, has an interesting post titled "3 Reasons Why Delicious Bookmarks Beat Digg Traffic Hands Down" by Brian Clark:

Which is better, bookmark traffic or the stampede that comes with a big Digg?

Well, I was fortunate enough to have a post make both the top of the popular page and the front page of Digg yesterday with my (formerly) private collection of link baiting resources entitled How to Attract Links and Increase Web Traffic – The Ultimate Guide. Of course both events were awesome, especially since they tend to reinforce one another, as well as lead to links from other bloggers.

But if you had to choose one over the other, I think there’s no real question.

Bookmarks beat Diggs. Here are 3 reasons why: (Read the entire post) Brian Clark's blog.

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James W. McMahon, Director of the New York State Office of Homeland Security (OHS), today unveiled New York State’s Citizen Guide to Preparedness page, “Aware, Prepare,” on the worldwide web. The site, a collaborative effort lead by OHS and hosted on its website, is designed to be a one-stop destination on preparedness information offered by State agencies.

“Being prepared is everyone’s job,” Director McMahon said. “While no state in this great Nation has done more than New York to protect its citizens, every community’s level of preparedness begins with its individual members.

“As the “Aware, Prepare” webpage states, being prepared is as easy as one, two, three,” the Director said. “We encourage New Yorkers – at home, at work and in school – to bookmark this page ( and use the information found there to develop an emergency plan, stock up on emergency supplies, and be aware of events that may have impact on their daily lives.”

The new website contains a wealth of safety and preparedness information found on the State agency webpages of the Office of Homeland Security, the State Emergency Management Office (SEMO), the Department of Health, the Division of State Police, the Department of State’s Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC), and the Department of Insurance

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