Sunday, October 22, 2006

Blog On #3

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Shamus O'Drunkahan Has Issues...
Shamus O'Drunkahan is a local blogger from Greenville NY:

My friend gave me some Siberian mushrooms she had grown in the garden. I woke up 2 days later and the first coherent thought I had was something I had read on CNN about a thing called "blogging". I logged onto Blogspot that day and started my blog. So I guess it was kind of a spiritual thing.

Q: WHY are you continuing to blog?
Have you seen how much a professional, certified psychotherapist charges these days? Blogger is much cheaper. And Blogger never says, "Looks like our time is up..."

I find it comforting to see there are other folks in the world besides me who make flash judgments about people, places and things and then write about them. It's a real feeling of community that you just can't get in the real world. Well, unless you go to church or something like that.

The issue of my identify as a blogger has not bothered me greatly – I remain who I am even when blogging, although my alter-ego does all the talking, this does not change who I am.

My blog is my alter ego – a place where I am learning about this new persona hidden in my subconscious, but not a place where I explore my subconscious, my reason for being, my faith, sexuality or politics. Although I must admit I enjoy reading serious blogs like Black Looks or Mshairi's poems or bloggers that talk about their personal life, although I myself am not able to write serious posts. Once in a while I will blog about these things, but mostly I want to write about life in general: things that amuse me, touch me or interest me. [READ THE ENTIRE POST]

Scribez has an exhaustive post about start-ups in the Web 2.0 space in India. It seems like there is an Indian version of digg, and other social network sites. This is a nice post to catch up on what is happening in India.
Nitesh Gautam has a nice write-up about Onyomo, an Indian search engine company. This new search engine which is still in beta mode has an SMS feature that might just be the ticket for Indian users.
Vandana Ahuja highlights in her post how head hunters and recruiters are harassing the latest technology, including web 2.o, to recruit talent.

Spurred by the fact that weblog stimulates open discussion among people who have common interest, Cambodians take their concerned issues online to share with the world who are listening to them. Is weblog community an open space for debate? In what way can this new tool enhance the way citizens get into discussions, have their says, and learn more what’s going on in their community? In this weblog post, Cambodia bloggers talked about nationalism, marriage, youth issues and Khmer boxing on podcast.

Vireak asked ‘how much do foreigners know about Cambodia?’ The 21-year-old weblogger recalled his experience in Singapore four years ago. After spending several years with other Singaporean classmates, he was more and more familiar with many weird questions they asked him about his home country.

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Kay Dennison said...

Smiling here -- Blog on, Dave!!!! I wish I could say my blog was my alter ego, but alas! it's very much me or the me that's doing the typing on that particular day! lol Take care!

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