Sunday, October 29, 2006

Global Hit: FreshlyGround

South African super-group FRESHLYGROUND is certainly worthy of your interest! I was introduced to their music earlier today at an internet cafe. Here is a band with the diversity of their nation built into their every note. Freshlyground is a 7-piece "ensemble" Afro-Fusion band that was formed in Cape Town. The music is original and energetic with a 'fresh mix' of musical styles and influences - from indigenous African folk music and jazz, to "contemporary" (whatever that is).

They combine traditional pop instruments such as bass, keys and guitar with the mbira, a traditional African "thumb piano." Plus, they spice up their stage performance with traditional, loosely-choreographed African dance routines.

Freshlyground sing in English and African languages and they have a following that cuts across the "rainbow nation's" racial and cultural divides. Lead singer-songwriter Zolani Mahola says that musically they're equally all over the place, and perhaps that's part of their appeal: Zolani comes from a small town in the Eastern Cape. She sings in either Xhosa or English about the challenges facing modern-day South Africa.

Freshlyground's unique sound has attracted scores of listeners in Europe. The group has been nominated for Best African Act at the MTV Europe Video Music Awards that will be held in Denmark. Vote for them to win here .

Their album "Nomvula" (After The Rain) is a passionate collection of catchy songs ("Doo Be Doo") and heartfelt ballads, including the phenomenal, "I'd Like." Buy the CD at this South African online store.

mp3 Castles (Remix) 3 from YouTube: FreshlyGround "Nomvula" FreshlyGround "Doo Be Doo" FreshlyGround "I'd Like"

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