Monday, October 30, 2006

Violence Against Women, Egyptian Style

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An UPDATE to this article has been posted HERE.

This cannot be tolerated! A mob of sex starved Egyptians decided to celebrate Eid by attacking and sexually harassing women on the streets of Cairo. The first the incident was made public was during a television show, posted on You Tube by Egyptian blogger Wael Abbas. There's another link to the story w/video HERE.

Check out the COMMENTS section on kalb-baladi.

“We saw a large number of men whistling and running in the direction of Adly Street. We went with them to see what was happening. I was surprised to see a girl in her early 20s falling on the ground and a mob of men gathering around her, feeling up her body and tearing her clothes off her. I didn’t understand or rather I couldn’t comprehend what was happening. The girl got up and ran into a restaurant and hid inside. Some boys surrounded the restaurant and wouldn’t leave until one of them shouted that there was another one coming. All of them ran towards Talaat Street again and there I saw a girl who was completely surrounded by a mob of hundreds of men trying to touch her body and take off her clothes. This girl was rescued by a taxi driver, who pulled her into his taxi. But the boys would not allow the taxi through and formed a circle around the car...”
Other Keyboards: my life as the molested
ميم التحرش تصيب برنامج العاشرة مساءا
What a Shame
Now, it's not about the Niqab or Hijab.

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Melaila said...

This is horrible!

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