Friday, November 24, 2006

3 from Benn Loxo


I've really got to get round to some updating of the blogroll and a few other chores... I'm planning to add a listing of mp3 and download-related blogs. You can bet Matt Yanchyshyn's Benn loxo du taccu will be on that chart! I ran across three very interesting articles posted there (Some of the links don't work with certain browsers, so get ready to Google if you have to!):

Lebo R.I.P. Lebo Mathosa was a popular personality part of the Kwaito group Boom Shaka where she shared lead vocals with Thembi Seete. She is memorialized in a guest post... she was 29 when she died in a car crash last month.
Boom Shaka - Gcwala (Halo remix)

Thiaroye, then up up The best of Sengalese Hip Hop here, Wagëblë making a go for it. They won the 2005 Senegal Hip-Hop awards and have some good publicity buzz. Check-out their well-designed web site, MySpace page. There’s also a YouTube video of today’s track. The shots of Dakar, Gorée and Thiaroye are great.
Wagëblë - Senegal

Phil & Kenny Rock Africa Could someone from Dakar please tell me why Phil Collins is so loved in Senegal? Seriously, he’s been top 10 radio play for as long as I’ve known the country. To make matters even more confusing, another Benn loxo reader reports that you can’t go a day in Rwanda without hearing some Kenny Rogers.

Be sure to check out Benn Loxo's blogroll... I'm certain you'll be adding new bookmarks to your browser!

Speaking of african music, I just opened up email from CDNow in the UK, which tells me my copy of FreshlyGround's new CD is on the way, so I'll be reviewing it after I get a chance to listen a few times. Only songs I've heard so far are either samples or less than hi-fi YouTUBE videos. Here's a link to my previous post on FG along with links to other "musical" posts, in order of popularity!




Moby & Asobi

Alice Smith

LOVE / Beatles

Pei-Yao Wang


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Frank said...

I think you will enjoy this Nancy Sinatra!
It is here

Aleesha said...

Hi David! It's Aleesha from Mumbai!
Happy Thanksgiving Day to you there! I want you to continue posting MUSIC and music links!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Benn-Luxo is great! Thankyou!

Chloe said...

Dave, I've gotten many downloads via your blog. You always seem to find exactly what I've been looking for.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful woman and waht a shame she's dead! I never heard of her before but I'm checking out her music today.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of African music, where can one find South African music videos? Can you post links?

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