Thursday, November 23, 2006

Help Wanted

Wanted: Housecleaner at Albany County Social Services. Department needs top-to-bottom scrubbing.

Hello D-A David Soares! It's time for you to get to work and investigate! You promised you would hold public officials accountable!

I've always been wary of Albany County Social Services. They always make everything three times as hard as it should be for the unfortunate souls who must cross their path. Bitter, arrogant and uncaring is how many of their "clients" would describe the SS workers. SS, now that's a name that certainly fits in this case.

For some time, it has been known that memebers of Albany County SS have been involved in other than tabletop activities. FINALLY one is caught and exposed! From the pages of the Times Union.
- Six Capital Region women who allegedly used an Internet site and a local alternative weekly newspaper to solicit for prostitution were arrested this week by the Albany County Sheriff's Department.

One of the women, Mia A. Mauro, 38, of Albany, is a senior case worker for Albany County's Department for Children, Youth and Families.

The department's commissioner received a tip that an employee was allegedly offering sexual services for sale on the Web site, said county spokeswoman Kerri Battle. The commissioner immediately turned the information over to police.

Police said they set up a meeting with Mauro at a local motel and arrested her after she agreed to have sex with undercover officers for payment.
OH, MISTER SOARES! The paper says Mauro has been on leave from her county job since August for undisclosed personal reasons... please find out WHAT those reasons are and if she has been getting PAID for time off. If she has, why is she out selling her ass? Department for Children, Youth and Families needs to be under your microscope immediately! By the way, why don't you officials PUT A STOP to this crap once and for all... order Metroland to stop advertising these women for sale. Oh I know, your police guys have to make arrests every now and then, so Metroland makes it easy to identify the whores. But this has been happening over and over and over again. Isn't it time to put a stop to it? The rest of the news article, entitled "6 charged with Prostitution" can be found here.
~guest post by Albany Girl
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Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you!! It is time that DSS has an audit, overhaul, makeover.....

A couple of years ago, Mr. Breslin, our County Executive, tried to move the Rape Crisis Center to the Department of Health. Several survivors and local advocate groups were involved to stop this bizarre proposal. We were successful. Now - we need to take action. Mr. Soares, Mr. Breslin, taxpayers and recipients of services in the county - take and demand some action.

We have a clear cut signal from a staffer that the Department needs help. The System is outdated, does not serve the people of the county the way it was meant to, and can and does actually cause more harm than good in certain situations. I always laugh when I hear those Food Stamps commercials - the ad makes it sound like they really want to help, when anyone who has went for assistance at Howard Street gets a reception that leads them to believe they are taking it out of the caseworkers pockets.

Fraud at many departments is a big problem. Medicaid, contracts for outside services, and employee theft of services all need to become a priority.

Let's hope someone is up to this challenge.

Anonymous said...

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) - An Albany woman has been charged with driving while intoxicated, after driving the wrong way Saturday night on I-90 East and causing a car crash. Police say 39-year-old Mia Mauro got off the Thruway, and instead of going through the toll booth, she made a U-turn. Police say she began driving west on the eastbound ramp. She continued the wrong way for about a mile and then collided with a 2002 Nissan.

Neikeisha said...

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