Saturday, November 25, 2006

web 3.0

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The Net's next phase: What's on the way? web 3.0 is on the way! (What happened to web 2.1?) First, we had Web 1.0 - the read-only web. Then came Web 2.0 - the read-write web - all of these services that make it easy for us to contribute content and interact with others. If you keep up the programming analogy, the next phase would be Web 3.0 - the Read-Write-Execute Web. Google is on the cutting edge: merging Net content with FREE cellular telephones!

Web search leader Google Inc.'s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, sees a future where mobile phones are free to consumers who accept watching targeted forms of advertising.

Schmidt said Saturday that as mobile phones become more like handheld computers and consumers spend as much as eight to 10 hours a day talking, texting and using the Web on these devices, advertising becomes a viable form of subsidy. [more]

Web 3.0 must be every device connected to the internet and seamlessly to itself. Video streamed from a computer to a TVand vice-versa, picture frames that pulls photos from my online flickr account, mirrors that can show RSS feeds in the corner, products recommended by my friends via appearing on my cell phone while in a shop...
In fact - we may even have our own personal agents doing all the work for us!

Counterpoint: WebProNews' Ross Mayfield blogs "There Is No Web 3.0"
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All this leads Ross Mayfield to say that if Web 2.0 is a bubble, Web 3.0 will just be a disaster. After all, Web 2.0 isn't even a buzzword yet in the real world, as Blog Herald found out.

John Markoff writes in the NY Times that Web 3.0 is coming. Apparently he missed my post last week, for There is no Web 3.0. The funny thing about my summation last year (Web 2.0 is Made of People!) is the web has always been that way -- and always will. At first glance, John seems to think the next web is made of machines.

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Anonymous said...

I've been saying it for the last 12 months, I believe that Mobile will be the next wave in the internet, for lack of a better name, Web 3.0.

Here are the forces I think that will lead to such:

-Mass availability of Broadband internet access allowed us to go from to web 2.0 as high speed data access continues to rollout to phones, this trend should continue. WiMax will usher in a new age of video and data high speed transfer.
-New convergent devices like the iphone and the pearl will simply the GUI making it easier for "regular folks" to navigate online through their phone.
-The Net Generation is one of colloboration, interesting in sharing and peering and wiki'ing. Currently these activities are mostly limited to using a desktop, with high speed access and better GUIs, the Net Generation will use their phones and desire to be "alwasy on" to the next level through their mobile devices.
-Mobile is currently expensive. With WiMax and Skype for your mobile contining to develeop downward pressure should make phone bills shrink.
-The Software As a Service model (which I see as the ASP 2.0 model) is shifting people away from keeping their data and programs at a "client" / desktop level and increasing adoption for "server" / net level programs. Taken to the logical next iteration, a phone with an explorer like interface would allow you to store data and applications online, and simply use the phone as an interface.

But hey what do I know,

Sean Wise

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