Thursday, December 21, 2006

Eye to Eye, Cheek to Cheek

Wow! This Albany Eye stuff has REALLLLY gotten crazy! Chatter raging about UPSTREAM blog postings on the drama... Just after 5pm today I noticed a huge traffic spike on one of my site meters. This post racking up mad hits this afternoon from, of all things, a PHISH forum!

So important (apparently) is the Albany Eye that Times Union columnist and blogger Mark McGuire has returned (albeit for a digital moment) from vacation to post about the Albany Eye:

Last Friday morning, Mark Mulholland had an exclusive: The arrest of former Phish frontman Trey Anastasio.
According to sources, minutes after Mulholland e-mailed the station from his Saratoga bureau with news of his exclusive — complete with mug shot — The Eye went with the story and photo.
Coincidence? No.
Especially when you consider that the Times Union Web people were able to trace a posting to this blog from Albany Eye’s e-mail account back to — wait for it — WNYT’s Menands headquarters.

More astounding is the reaction from WNYT upper management:

An upstairs (read: non-newsroom) employee has been identified by sources as being the Eye. General Manager Steve Baboulis refused to confirm or deny anything, including whether he’s been able to determine Albany Eye is in fact one of his workers, citing privacy matters. Baboulis did say no station employee has been suspended or fired as a resut of the pilfered scoop. The suspected employee did not return a call seeking comment...

...WNYT officialdom doesn’t sound like it’s anxious to investigate the matter in any more great detail. “I’ve looked into it to my satisfaction,'’ Baboulis said."

Mark McGuire's complete post is HERE. Since Mark requires commenters to register, feel free to read his article and leave your comments here, and remember you can choose between Blogger and Haloscan comments (use whichever is easier for YOU!)

Meanwhile, some new developments: Turns out there may actually be two people who worked as a "tag team" blogging under the Albany Eye moniker... one local, one out west. The NEW Albany Eye is rumoured to be a 20-something FEMALE blogging out of a local TV news operation.

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Mr. Friendly said...

The drama continues...

I mean, holy moses, Mark came back from vacation!

Actually, he states the problem with the eye succinctly. However, as a non news employee, I loved the eye while it lasted

Dave Lucas said...

And don't you think it's time we all got over it and moved on?

Bored Mexican said...

This Albanye Eye thing don'tmatter because it is only known to a small few and isn't mainstream at all

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