Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last Day on Earth

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Saddam Hussein 1937-2006
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Shaun Mullen blogs "The BBC has a video here from Iraqi state television of the proceedings leading up to the hanging but not the hanging itself." Mullen asks: IS SADDAM ON THE FAST TRACK TO MARTYRDOM? Rosemary blogs "TimesOnline is reporting that Saddam has been sent to hell."

Iranian blogger Mattati writes “a person who symbolised Satan died, a person who had killed several members of our dear friends or family members”. Will dictators learn a lesson? [Fa], asks Mattati.

Iranian blogger Haji Washington titles his post “Death of a Monster”. Haji observes that on USA TV channels, we’re shown Saddam with Arab leaders, but never with Donald Rumsfeld, former US Defense Secretary, when he visited Iraq during Iran-Iraq war [Fa].

Correction Made 12/31/06. Haji Washington and Mattati are Iranian bloggers, not Iraqi. - thanks Haji!

Andy McCarthy weighs in:
I had to turn off the TV-news.

This is a solemn, important moment. It's not a joyous one. An evil man deserved to die. His elimination was necessary — not close to sufficient, but necessary — for achieving, over time, a semblance civilized stability in Iraq...

...This wasn't victory. It didn't end suffering. It was, in the heat of a war that has actually gotten more vicious and more uncertain since Saddam's capture three years ago, the carrying out of an essential but unpleasant duty. It marginally enhances Iraq's propects, and ours. But Saddam's death (as opposed to his deposing) has no impact whatsoever on the deep dysfunction and hatred that is rending what passes for Iraqi society...

...Saddam's death is a marker worth observing. It is not something to go up in a balloon over.

Extra Links:

Saddam Hussein Hanging VIDEO!

The video of saddam getting hanged from Aljazeera TV.

Video from HotAir

Voy TV

Oh yes, there was at least one blogger who entitled his Saddam death post "Ding Dong! Saddam is Dead!" (sigh!)
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Rez said...

Why the hell was he hanged? A public hanging hasn't happened in at least 100 years.
Thats completely ridiculus. Somehow, I don't have a very good feeling about Sadam
being hanged

متتی said...

ِDear Sir,
That was so strange that you called us (Haji Washington and I)Iraqies. Who translated our posts? You mentioned our language Farsi, so how we can be Iraqies? Anyway both of us are Iranian.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the author made an honest mistake and corrected it. A national TV newsreader did something sikilar the other day, referring to Sadam as :the Iranian dictator:

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