Thursday, December 28, 2006


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Interesting Regis & Kelly show this morning. The Queen and King of New York: Madonna and Christopher Walken on the same show! (Western New York's own Teddy Geiger was there too!) Louise, IMHO, borrowed Debbie Harry's look and style to build her "Madonna" character... I'll get to that in a minute...

AP Entertainment Writer Jake Coyle suggests that the boxer formerly known as Cassius Clay was the world's first gen-u-wine rapper!
"Float like a butterfly/ Sting like a bee/ Your hands can't hit/ What your eyes can't see."

Muhammad Ali's rhymes, taunts, provocations and exclamations were an endlessly entertaining and insightful facet of his larger-than-life persona. As he once said, "I outwit them and then I outhit them."

A new book, "Ali Rap: Muhammad Ali the First Heavyweight Champion of Rap," proclaims Ali's verbal barrage was more than self-promotion, but that it sowed the seeds of hip-hop, which was born in the early 70s.
If Ali was the first rapper, the first rap record hit the top 10 back in 1966: "They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haa!" by Napoleon XIV (Jerry Samuels) The flip side of the 45 is the same song backwards.

Rapture is the first rap song to hit #1 on the charts, as well as the one of the very few rap songs featuring a female vocalist to hit #1. It was performed by 70s powerhouse Blondie, a rock group that in retrospect changed and influenced the direction of popular music throughout it's history from Blondie's TV appearance on Musikladen right up to late 1999 / early 2000, when "Maria" hit #1 in the UK, making Blondie's Debbie Harry, at age 55, the oldest female rocker to grab the #1 spot.

Remember the days of BREAK DANCING and subway art? Blondie was behind the defining motion picture of that era. Reknowned as "The Classic Hip-Hop Movie," WILD STYLE includes music by Blondie guitarist Chris Stein and Fred Brathwaite. Wild Style stars the legendary subway artist Lee Quinones. He plays 'Zoro' and appears in Blondie's promo video for the song "Rapture". If you EVER get a chance to borrow a copy of this movie, don't pass! A little crude by today's standards but nonetheless enjoyable.

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channel33 said...

Blondie was way ahead of her time

Ilene said...

you could have thought up a better title

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