Wednesday, January 31, 2007

American Road Trip Through Arab Eyes

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Here's a very interesting piece from the NY Times. [link]

“On the Road in America” looks, on first viewing, like the sort of television show that Al Jazeera and MTV might produce if they could be coaxed together in front of an editing terminal. A 12-part reality series, currently being broadcast throughout the Middle East, “On the Road” features a caravan of young, good-looking Arabs crisscrossing America on a mission to educate themselves and the people they encounter along the way.

In the first episode — set in Washington and broadcast on MBC on Jan. 18 — Ali Amr, 22, an Egyptian accounting student, discusses his initial impressions of the American people. “You will tell me they are not responsible for Bush’s policies,” he says, “and I will tell you that they are the ones who elected Bush, correct or not?” … Far more bracing than the participants’ occasional comments about the current president, though, is the frank discussion throughout the series’s first two episodes — the second takes the participants from Washington to New York City — about the long-frayed relations between Israel and many of its Arab neighbors.
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