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Reporters and Citizen Journalists take note: Yes, there is a Freedom of Information Act blog called, appropriately enough, The FOIA Blog. (H/T: Legal History Blog via Law Blog Central.)

On the January 12 broadcast of San Francisco radio station KSFO's Morning Show, co-hosts Lee Rodgers and Melanie Morgan continued to lash out over the controversy surrounding Spocko(pictured), a Bay Area-based blogger who last year attempted to spotlight the racist and violent rhetoric common to Morgan and other KSFO hosts.

SF Chronicle: Owner of conservative radio station KSFO demands liberal critic quit using audio clips. Now, bloggers and media freedom advocates are concerned about the legal reaction from Disney/ABC-owned KSFO. Shortly before Christmas, an ABC lawyer demanded that Spocko delete audio clips from his blog on the grounds that Spocko’s posting of KSFO content was illegal. Digital freedom advocates counter that the clips constitute fair use and worry that critical voices could be silenced by corporations threatening legal action for violation of copyright law.

One thing for sure: Spocko is getting noticed! Michelle Malkin: "...they sent a letter to Spocko's ISP and got his audio clips of KSFO shows taken down. I don't know the extent of the Fair-Use issues there, and they may have been within their rights to do so, but that's a pretty ham-handed move for KSFO to make. One that will alienate a lot of bloggers who might be inclined to cut them some slack."

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YouTube is investigating possibly producing TV shows of it's own, and its VP of content Kevin Donahue said at CES that the company is even thinking of creating a TV channel with selected clips chosen from the millions that are hosted by YouTube on line.

The Pirate Bay, one of the world's most popular websites for the illegal downloading of films through filesharing, wants to buy an island in a bid to avoid copyright laws.

Stuart Weibel has
blogged some notes on Michael Keller's January 8 talk at OCLC, Mass Digitization in Google Book Search: Effects on Scholarship. (Thanks to The Stoa Consortium.)

Bermudian Christian Dunleavy
links to a Royal Gazette article entitled “Have you joined Bermuda’s blogosphere,” which features four of the island’s most popular bloggers (himself included).

CRANKY.COM??? CRANKY???? Why not just call it HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn? OhMyLumbago? BackwardsUphillThreeMilesThroughTheSnow? Anyway, there’s a new search engine that claims to focus on search results for users over fifty, and for some reason it’s called

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