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In the Media & Around the Blogosphere 28.1.07

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The Super [Teen] Bowl (according to MediaWeek, "About 39.4 million kids 18 years old and younger are planning to watch this year’s Super Bowl game telecast on Feb. 4 on CBS.")

Leon Robinson offers two posts that go hand-in-hand: My thoughts on..."bleaching" takes a look at the dangerous (odd) practice of skin-bleaching, while in My thoughts on...Michael Jackson's return, Leon blogs "'s favourite child molester is back on the prowl, and ready to share his unique brand of 'love' with the children..."

Wired Magazine's story on MTV's virtual "Laguna Beach" and virtual "Hills" will be online January 29.

PBS is trying to reach teens via YouTube (essay from a teen correspondent who sat in on a recent PBS editorial meeting...Maybe they should start with this documentary about images of masculinity in hip hop) (Rochester Democrat & Chronicle)

Janette Toral congratulates the organizers of the latest Blogger’s event in Philippines:

My sincerest congratulations to the organizers of the Blog Parteeh (), especially to Abraham, for a successful event. Cheers to AJ for bagging the major prize. You are so lucky dude!Special thanks to all the sponsors who provided the resources to make the event happen. Sorry guys if we were not able to listen to you well during your presentations as most of us hardly catched up with each other lately and there are a lot of matters to discuss. I'm so glad to meet the very thoughtful Pierre.
Dan Gillmor (Center for Citizen Media Blog) writes about a new site, Defend the Press, taking up the case of Sarah Olson ... in another post entitled Swampland, Indeed, Dan blogs about errors in this posting on a new Time Magazine blog.

Evans Wafula, who blogs at Africa News, analyzes the conflict in Somalia in a thought provoking post title, “The Spread of transnational Islam and the future of nation states in the Horn of Africa.”

Finally, after spending the past seven months on life support, Caribbean Free Photo is showing signs of life once more. . .
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Janette Toral said...

Hello Sir. Thank you very much for sharing our coverage here. It is very much appreciated. I also added a link where fellow bloggers who attended the event shared their story too. Thank you again.

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