Monday, January 29, 2007

It's A Beautiful Day

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You know how people always say “someone will have to die before they do something about this.” Well, it’s happened again, this time on the Northway, where a couple driving from Montreal to New York City met with tragedy, attracting the attention of blogger Shlomah Shamos:

Thousands of our readers have read with great sadness here on VOS IZ NEIAS about the tragic accident that happened last Friday on the NY State Thruway. Unfortunately, we are also aware of the terrible fact that that this could have been prevented. Due to inadequate cell phone coverage in the area, it was impossible for the victims to contact emergency services, and receive the lifesaving help they needed.
As comments continue to pile up, Shamos posts a list of officials for readers to contact.

Israeli blogger Judy, at Adloyada, is confused with the responses by Palestinian groups to the latest suicide bombing in Eilat, which has so far claimed three dead.Getting mixed reactions, she wants to know who should be the real spokesman for the Palestinians.

Think Globally: Two North Country school districts want to offer their high school students Mandarin Chinese, a new foreign language course to start next fall. School leaders at Lake George and Queensbury will share an instructor who will split time between the schools. They hope the language will give their students an edge over others in the global economy. More people speak Mandarin Chinese than any other language in the world. [link]

Lebanese blogger Mustafa says using Photoshop is the best way to discredit any political opponents.He welcomes con artists to “express your talents here in The Beirut Spring. Forgery is serious matter in the real-world.”

Remember Efrain Gonzalez, the Albany politician who funneled children's-charity funds into vacation houses and custom cigars? Turns out Gonzalez is, at least, as cruel to his own children as to others': he has "virtually abandoned" his disabled son, so his ex-wife says.

Speaking of cigars, at least a few Colombians are praying for Castro’s health, as demonstrated by the photo of this poster — uploaded today by Flickr user Julián Ortega Martínez — advertising a “Mass for Fidel’s Health” that was held at Bogotá’s cathedral on January 28.

For over a decade, Maria Bartiromo has been a primary anchor and public face of CNBC. In the late 1990s, when the Net was helping Wall Street become more accessible to millions, Ms. Bartiromo helped to usher in a new era of TV business journalism, bringing glitz and celebrity to what had been a staid genre. CNBC is defending its star anchor amid increasing questions about her relationship with a former top Citigroup executive.

On top of all that, XiaXue is running into a little trouble with that new nose...

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i see that Shlomah Shamos , is doing it again on his site Vos Iz Neias at, he is asking everyone now to write to Spitzer about it

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