Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Blogosphere Tonight 27February 07

Here's an important post for Citizen Journalists and Bloggers alike: it's from the Center for Citizen Media Blog, entitled Banning Pro Photographers from Basketball Game; Citizen Photographers Next?

Pro-Journalist (and retired TV anchorman) Ed Dague blogs about "The Bird."

Iraqi blogger Ladybird keeps us up-to-date with news surrounding the failed assassination attempt against Vice President Adel Abdulmahdi here

Saudi Stepford Wife is Saudi Arabia’s latest female blogger to start ranting to the world.“I’m venting about issues I encounter from my perspective and through the filter of all my different roles in life; woman, wife, mother, educated professional, etc,” she writes.

Check out Cuckoo’s Call on the tenets of Islamic Banking. “Very few people know what Islamic banking is or what interest-free economy means.”

Algerian blogger Lameen Souag argues that the Arabic language is being threatened in Qatar, where the emphasis is on teaching youngsters English at an early age.

Albany Project blogger Nancy Scola posts The Oil Under Greenpoint, about a pretty big oil spill not too many people have known about - 'til today.

blogsColombia recommends the fantastic internet radio program Radio Cápsula with its focus on Colombian and Latin American electronic music. Archives of the Creative Commons-licensed show can be downloaded as podcasts.

Like RAP and / or Hip-Hop? Dallas Penn wrote The (white) Rapper Show: It’s A (white) Wrap! just for you!

Ecuadorean blogger Milton Ramirez adds to the warnings for Blogspot users to protect their accounts after many Spanish-language weblogs have been hacked.

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Les Clutter said...

I think with todays technology in digital photography, I think you will see more and more citizen photographers, both in TV news footage and newspapers.

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