Wednesday, February 28, 2007


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Sokari has posted Gaza Strip on Black Looks. It's a film documenting the lives of ordinary Palestinians in Gaza (70 minutes)

Le Blog de Maurine: Le sondage "Sophie Marceau"...

California-based Congolese blogger Alain Mabanckou has nothing but praise for Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour’s big screen debut in Amazing Grace

Shopping for movies at Mozikep DVD/Video shop in Budapest is a crazy experience: read the details at Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar.

Kenny Sia blogs: "People are so desperate to look good nowadays, they are willing to believe absolutely anything."

Looking for something good to read (besides blogs;): Laila Lalami has found a book for you. Jamaican novelist Marlon James posts a list of his top ten books.

UAE Kitten posts another batch of eyepopping photography. Not enough photos? Dragon Girl photoblogs When in Rome... posts some lovely photos of the 2007 Carnaval in Haiti by Wadner Pierre.

BeyondEternal writes "Because of this new cellphone, I won't be buying a digital camera anymore."

Geoffrey Philp posts a podcast of the proceedings from the premiere of a documentary on the life of the Jamaican dub poet Malachi Smith.

Sick? mac blogs What I do When I get Flu

Freedom for Egyptians wonders what if Anna Nicole Smith was Egyptian!

Last but not least, Des Walsh blogs "Why It's Smart to Organize Blog Categories Sooner." Yeah, I wish I had done that!
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Geoffrey Philp's Blog Spot said...

Thankks for the link!
I'm also doing a survey on The Top Ten Caribbean Novels and I'd love for you to contribute

Maurine said...

thanks for the link!

Paul said...

Cheers for the link dave, been in Trauma, didn't see your post until now.

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