Friday, April 27, 2007

Gay Marriage

Look for "Gay Marriage" to become quite the political hot potato in the weeks and months to come ;)
The Albany Project: Spitzer Keeps Gay Marriage Promise
NY1: "...The bill would establish equal responsibilities, benefits and protections for same-sex couples. The bill also says that churches can be compelled to perform same-sex marriages. " Hmmm... is that right? Politics on the Hudson reports "No clergy member of religious institution would be compelled to perform gay marriages."
Anyway, along with that move came a decision from the New York State Department of Civil Services stated that legally married, same-sex spouses of state employees would be eligible for medical and other benefits administered through its Employee Benefits Division.
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Anonymous said...

So Sick! What Next? Marry an animal?

Keith said...

It’s a sad commentary about America that a man who sexually desires a hot, sexy 16 year old is labeled a "sexual deviant" while men who play with each other's willies get a free pass. Despite their claim to being "scientific," it’s amazing how so many of the things that the left defends have no basis in science, or contradict a fundamental point.

Anonymous said...

don't pull the chain if you don't want the whole dog

Anonymous said...

I wonder... when Massachusetts (or maybe New York) begins sanctioning 3-way marriages, will the rest of us be subject to hate crime penalties for criticizing that as a perversion?
We have a bonafide homo here at work who looks at gay porn all day long, while management looks the other way!

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