Monday, May 28, 2007


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On the word "dope" has 14 meanings. #7.Informal. a stupid or unresponsive person, fits the Danish cyclist Bjarne Riis, who "out of the blue" confessed he used several banned drugs, including EPO, steroids and human growth hormone, while competing in the 1990s, becoming the first champion of the sport’s most prestigious competition to confess to doping. Was it his conscience calling? Nope! Riis must have suspected someone was about to rat him out. If not, he is a dope for ratting himself out--- well, wait a minute--- he's a dope no matter what! From the New York Times:
Riis said that he used the banned drugs from 1993 to 1998. He offered to give back the iconic yellow jersey that goes to the winner of the Tour de France; he said it was “at home in a cardboard box.”

“They are welcome to come and get it,” he said. “I have my memories for myself.”

Officially, Riis cannot be stripped of his title, because according to the sport’s antidoping rules, a rider can be stripped of a title because of doping admissions only within eight years of a race.

“Bjarne Riis said himself that he did not deserve to have won the Tour in 1996 because he cheated,” Christian Prudhomme, the race director of the Tour de France, told The Associated Press. “I think the same thing, because he has soiled the yellow jersey..."

Dope: for using dope in the first place!

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