Monday, May 28, 2007

Self-Serve Gasohol (Make Your Own Fuel Sundae)

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The alternative fuel that screwed up many a car engine (especially Audi) in the late 1970's is back--- sort of. The difference now, is that gasoline retailers don't offer Gasohol directly at the pumps (times of $3 dollar a gallon gas are not making motorists happy, and why piss 'em off further by dissolving fuel system components in their vehicles?) but you can make your own Gasohol. Last week in Albany there were two gas-related stories, both revolving around Campus Mobil and E85 ethanol. In a telephone interview with Albany County Comptroller Mike Conners, I touched on the old Gasohol and Mike remarked that he was already blending his own. He didn't want his Gasohol remarks included in the story, which was fine, but he must have had a change of heart. Conners popped up on local TV [Sumi Somaskanda did a nice report] touting his recipe for Gasohol, which he promises to place on his website.

One caveat: check with your mechanic. Back in the old Gasohol days, there were many cars that could drink it up just fine, but certain vehicles, like Audi, Porsche and some of the Volkswagen clan, developed fuel-system related engine problems when given a steady diet of the stuff. GM cars seem to do okay with it. Flex Fuel cars were made for it.

By the way, Gasohol has just ruined a bunch of cars in Thailand:
""You filled up your car with gasohol, didn't you?"

The question is often the first one asked by mechanics when people bring their cars in to fix problems. It's not something that inspires confidence in the fuel, and as word spreads, more drivers become wary about using gasohol, even if it is cheaper than gasoline."

From: Bangkok Post (Bangkok, Thailand) | Date: February 19, 2007 | More results for: gasohol damage cars
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how to make gasohol said...

People tend to forget that most of the fuel lines and seals are made from rubber. Ethanol can eat through this rubber even E15. Its best to replace your fuel lines, pump, and seals to adapt to Ethanol. If you're going to take your car to the mechanic to fix the problem it would be a good time to have your mechanic replace everything with Ethanol friendly equipment.

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