Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 27 June 07

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A blogger's look at building a career in Rap music from the inside out: check out GEN-SI.NET "C'est suivre jour après jour mon évolution dans l'industrie du disque, mes concerts, mes tournages de clip et la réalisation de mon 1er album." Oh yeah, it's in French, as is Pointblog's post about The Grand Prix of Blogs.

Crosstown Traffic: 62 Pictures of gas stations set ablaza plus a traffic jam in Iran... Armenia Blog has photos of prestigious license plates.

Anastasia Goodstein, Totally Wired: Managing Online Identities

What do you do when someone takes your online identity, i.e., your blog, and re-posts your articles, plugs in a little adsense, and calls it their own? Here are two must-read posts for all bloggers: Blog Plagiarism - web infringement! and A good example of bad blogging technique.

LaShawn Barber blogs she'll be plenty busy over the next 48:

Today and tomorrow:

Ms. Barber is also on the case of a young black woman who has vanished: Stepha Henry was in South Florida, down from New York, and was last seen leaving a club with a group of people. Her family’s on the case, but somebody needs to help them get national attention. Spread the word.

Kym Platt on Black Looks: African-American Women and HIV By the way, today is National HIV Testing Day in the U.S.

Dino Chocoholic, a Palestinian blogger living in the UAE, thinks she has been cast with an evil eye.

Alliance pour la democratie et le progres interviews an NGO worker (Fr) on the situation in Darfur.

From the newspaper: RIP Daniel Pujdak. ABC's Good Morning America had an in-depth look into the murder-suicide Chris Benoit case. Most tragic: the body of Benoit's 7-year old son scarred with needle marks. They said he was very small for his age and suspect he'd been given Human Growth Hormone Injections. WNBC has a slideshow of wrestlers who died young.

Today's trip down memory lane: If I had a hammer…
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一楠 said...

i like hiphop music

Sharon said...

That's happened to me before because during my move from Blogger to Wordpress and my own domain I had left behind high PR Ranking blogs. At first I was really disappointed that Blogger allows this to continually happen, but just decided, that there's no point losing sleep over it.

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