Wednesday, June 20, 2007


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How is it that your mind is capable of handling new situations you’ve never previously encountered? How do you solve a problem you’ve never solved before? Is this just the magic of consciousness, or is there an underlying process — or algorithm — your mind uses behind the scenes to deal with the unique experiences you encounter each day? And if there is a process, how can you use it to improve your ability to think? Steve Pavlina has the answer...

Not your cup of tea? Well then, how about a review of Steven Shaviro’s book Connected (Or, What It Means To Live In The Network Society)

NEWS: WEBSITE OF THE DAY - A valiant attempt to establish some order to Web 2.0! Speaking of which, Isabella has posted an article about 2.0 "I bumped into J, the person behind Spice Up Your Life at Raffles City yesterday. We yaked for 5 seconds about web 2.0 and he said it was bullshit, and I thought about it, and it dawned on me that perhaps Web 2.0 was just a buzzword invented by entrepreneurs to get the VC money flowing." [read the complete post] Look for Izzy on NPR? According to her Twitter "I am going on the NPR. A friend of mine, Kris LeBoutillier of introduced one of their hosts to me."

Edward Burtynsky’s stunning photographs manage to be both beautiful and simultaneously horrifying, and film director Jennifer Baichwal has managed to capture both the aesthetic and concept behind Burtynsky’s ground-breaking photography in her recently-debuted documentary film Manufactured Landscapes.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if perhaps being “Connected” similar to the idea of being “Mediated” as explained by Thomas de Zengotita right here.

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