Monday, June 25, 2007

Gag me with a spoon!

The top "news" story Sunday on WRGB and WTEN: the Graduation at Albany High? Hello! Isn't that what kids are supposed to do? Graduate from high school and go on to college? Oh, that's right, it's Albany High, so it must be a miracle. The TV jubilation was short-lived, as a 15-year old was shot Sunday night. The TV reports said there was a "roving band of 30" individuals "looking for graduation parties." They were "dispersed once" by police, but returned. QUESTION: Why did the Police choose NOT to maintain a "vigilant presence" the rest of the night? You know what I mean: if the neighbor burned some leaves, somebody would call the cops, they'd give him a ticket and you'd see police cars zooming up and down the street the next 4 to 6 hours or so. You can't tell me they thought they had "everything under control."

Guess Ken Screven, Michelle Marsh and Rene Marsh all the had the day off at Channel Six. With nobody around to "ask tough questions" the Monday morning lead story had to be attributed to the Times Union!

The other "big story" over the weekend was the woman who got the free house. I think hard-working people are sick and tired of seeing these Oprah Winfrey-style handouts. Howzabout free houses for the rest of us?

By the way, shouldn't Ed Dague be writing about stuff like this?

From the T-U:
"Cancer said they called the police twice. The police told the boys to disperse, but the boys came back when the officers left, she said. Minutes later, shots were fired, she said.

"I feel like kids these days don't care about themselves and they are willing to destroy a family in a heartbeat," Cancer said.

The victim of the shooting lived in the neighborhood, Miller said. There was no sign that anybody from the graduation party was involved in the shooting.

As Cancer spoke to a reporter, a group of males in their teens and early 20s gathered outside a closed business at the corner of Quail Street and Clinton Avenue.

Though police officers were 50 yards away, one of the young men boldly moved toward the graduation party, where young people had spilled into a nearby gas station parking lot.

The teenager mouthed off and grabbed at his waistband and crotch, gesturing like he had a weapon. The young men from the graduation party moved toward him, ready to take him on, but police officers appeared and became serious about setting up a perimeter and moving the crowds away."
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Anonymous said...

I think your buddy Ed hates using Wordpress! Ed, go back to the old blog! You and that Albany Eye~!

Anonymous said...

A post on TVSpy reports that WRGB ND Beau Duffy has resigned, effective immediately. No word on why or where he's going as of yet, or that of the fate of his wife, late news producer Michelle.

Between this and Jack Arenecke's retirement and 6's flagging numbers and difficulties to get a more desirable audience, why does the idea that a major shakeup is going to take place on Balltown Road make a lot of sense?

Scoop said...

I agree Ed should dump his blog on the TU and go back to where it was, as far as Chan 6, being retired I watch the noon news. I use to beat up Nichole Forige in my blog but it is not all her fault, it doesn't matter who hosts the noon news the production sucks and gets worse as time goes on.

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