Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's A Mashed Up World!

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ProgrammableWeb, a site that tracks new mashups, says more than 50% of its applications somehow integrate Google Maps.

Want to add a new Google username to existing one?

Tom Owad at used a map and some publicly available data from Amazon user profiles to identify and locate customers with possibly "subversive" attitudes — those with too many Michael Moore DVDs or books about Greenpeace on their Wish List are hereby warned: Someone might be watching., one of the more established mashups, has logged and plotted three years' worth of crime data from the Chicago Police Department, broken down into hundreds of categories, from homicide to obscene phone calls.

The peeps at have overlaid pre-owned vehicle data from EBay onto Google Maps to help you easily find all the jalopies for sale in your neighborhood. The more civic-minded Unfluence ( uses information from a campaign finance database to diagram the web of crisscrossing donations between candidates and various industries. And if you go to, one glance at the map reveals that numerous people in the Los Angeles area are reporting runny noses.

Sources: L.A. Times.

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Just found your blog today. You have some cool, intersting stuff. I will be back often..

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