Sunday, June 03, 2007

Just Another Post

I try to avoid messing with this blog's template. Although Blogger is a wonderful platform, there are times when strange things happen (like when half my template vanished) and then stranger things happen (I was able to recover it by hitting the "back" button!) I post from several different computers, and I've found some browsers and computers can perform tasks within Blogger that others cannot. (Scratches head). Once in awhile I have to get into that template to make additions, corrections and deletions. I've just done that, and I'm hoping I don't have to go back in there for a while. I was forced to remove the Tag Cloud because it seemed to have gotten stuck several months ago, and just hung there... so, goodbye Tag Cloud. I'm not sure how important it was in the grander scheme of things: I did get two or three hits off it every day.

I notice Michelle Malkin has pulled her photograph from her blog. I wonder if she read the same article I read, something about NOT having your pic on your blog and why that's better. I totally disagree. Find a picture of yourself you like, and make that an icon on all of your blogs, chats and other services. Take a look at what other bloggers are doing: Isabella, Wendy Cheng and Denny all feature pictures of themselves on their respective blogs.

Not all bloggers are journalists or reporters, but I've seen times when "entertainment" or "diary-style" bloggers get so fired up by a cause or an issue that they type some really incredible articles! You don't have to stick to a strict format or topic. This blog evolved from my old radio show "Capital Region People" which spawned a blog of the same name. People ARE the world, so my approach to news, current events and commentary via this blog is sort of like People + Time Magazine + The Newspaper. Once in a blue moon I get in the real ancient "weblog" spirit (like right now) where I just type freeform.

Isabella's new blog is one I enjoyed so much, I added it to my "dailies." These are blogs that are usually updated at least once a day. Blogs are breaking down barriers between people on a worldwide basis. That's one reason I associate with the Global Voices network. I've tried different "communities" online, and recently joined LiveJournal. I'll plant more "heady" posts there when (if) the need arises. I do have a MySpace page that I don't really keep up, as well as an MSN page with a blog I haven't done much with. Long time ago I affiliated with Technorati and BraveNet, but kinda let BraveNet sink off to the side. A lot of this stuff is trial and error: join something and see if it fits and if it is useful. Two new additions to my sidebar include a linker to some of the books in my collection and an affiliation with MyBlogLog, which offers me site stats. Both services have a "community" angle as well. I think every blog should have a simple sidebar... I try to make sure that I don't add anything that would make the blog load slowly for dial-uppers. And those little snap windows that preview link pages are wonderful for dial-up users who might like to peek at a page to determine how complicated it might be to actually visit before venturing to click.

I'm still working on developing dialogue via comments and trackbacks. Some posts seem to attract comments, and that's good. I like having the tools available for those readers who would like to use them, which is also why I provide the "Digg" button. If you want to email me, mouseover my picture. Blogs are experiencing another burst of growth, and some of the features and services I've mentioned are part of that. If you are here for the first time, please come back and visit again, and do visit some of the great bloggers I've listed in the sidebar!

Appropriate quote from Miss Izzy: "The ease and low-cost of communicating ideas has made sharing ideas affordable, simple and thus, rewarding. This has huge implications on our knowledge base and how intelligent we are as a collective species." Isabella goes on to cite how The recently launched Encyclopedia of Life could potentially become a useful resource for people outside the field of biology.
It is absolutely true: our knowledge base is broadening. Language is part of that. I have been studying other languages and have posted in Spanish and French, and have been able to post comments on a few Chinese blogs. It can be difficult and time-consuming to learn another language, but it is more easily done when you're at the compter trying to communicate with other people in other lands.

Jeff Jarvis has two "must-read" posts on his blog, BuzzMachine: Alas, the interview and Say amen, 10 times
Both deal with media, journalism and the Net.

Aaminah blogs that she has just finished reading Khaled Hosseini’s second novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns.
Review: A Thousand Splendid Suns. Aaminah previously posted Video of Author Khaled Husseini

When you see a word spelled in two or three different ways within a post, know that I've done that intentionally. Sometimes there are geographic variations and other times there are misspellings which will help those who are searching or googling find what they're looking for. The internet is a vast communications tool, a knowledge pool I believe benefits everyone who avails himself of its trappings. All those hours spent in front of the little screen! It's all good! Peaceful Blessings, everyone!

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  1. Blogging comes easy after time though. I remember doing the whole html code thing.


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