Friday, June 29, 2007

What Does Your Blog Say About YOU? (Blog Improvement 101)

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As evidence mounts that online social networks are split along class lines, Robert Colvile looks at what your choice reveals. []

Colvile's piece made me stop and wonder: what does my blog say about me? I found a great article every blogger should read by Valeria Maltoni. You might alos take a look at this.

Now, let's take a tour of some very well-built blogs:
A Través De Mi Ventana is a beautiful blog with a perfect layout. I've always been a fan of 3-column blogs but could never get a left sidebar to display properly here. Here's another great 3-column blog.

Carolina Crespo gives a nice presentation with a standard 2-column blogger template.

What NOT to do: I like Julie Reyes' pictures and content. I had to remove her from my blogroll after readers emailed complaining to ME (it's not my blog, I responded) that Julie's blog either froze or crashed their computers!

On the other hand, Little Tech Girl keeps it cutting edge but easy-to-load!

Sometimes you must TEST TEST TEST: Myriad of Thoughts blog is currently running with a Shrek 3 template.

Let's not forget WordPress! Isabella's template is perfect, but Michelle Malkin's is a bit confusing: not quite user-friendly, it takes a bit of "getting used-to."
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Sharon said...

That's just the thing about Blogspot templates, they are not very big on providing their users with three column templates. We also sometimes get carried away with all these awesome widgets that we stack on our blog, but little do we know that it does cause your website to load up slowly and eventually crash because not all widgets are properly configured to run on both IE6, IE7, and Firefox.

LittleTechGirl said...

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the link! I appreciate it and I enjoy your blog as well. :)

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