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Day 5 of the great Toothache. The swelling is down substantially, the pain has not subsided despite the inclusion of Tylenol w/Codeine as a new dietary staple. My taste is way off: I've developed an unquenchable thirst for Pineapple Juice. That got me wondering. Was I onto something? Then it hit me. I was accidentally locked out of the house, stranded on the back porch in nothing but a pair of swimming trunks. Minutes became hours, until I finally was rescued. "What are you doing out there?" I drank an entire can of Dole Pineapple Juice "Maybe I'm turning Hawaiian," I thought, recalling the old Vapors song "Turning Japanese I think I'm Turning Japanese... etc." After washing the Dole down with codeinated Tylenol, it took several hours before I gathered up enough of a head of steam to fire up the computer and do a little research.

Dr. Spiller has Mr. Tooth Decay's number. But I wanted to know WHY we are cursed by caries!

Dental caries: an infectious and transmissible infection

Here's an interesting tale of tooth decay and the part it has played in helping researchers to confirm the spread of our Homo sapiens ancestors from Africa into the world at large.

The team, led by Page Caufield, a professor of cariology and comprehensive care at NYUCD, discovered that Streptoccocus mutans, a bacterium associated with dental caries, has evolved along with its human hosts in a clear line that can be traced back to a single common ancestor who lived in Africa between 100,000 and 200,000 years ago.

S. mutans is transmitted from mothers to infants, and first appears in an infant’s mouth at about two years of age.

What possible evolutionary benefit could be conferred on a species by the inclusion of an element which causes a valuable ‘tool’ like teeth to weaken, decay and ultimately disintegrate, which often require extraction - not to mention the sheer pain and and dangerous infections that can often result in the interim.

“As humans migrated around the world and evolved into the different races and ethnicities we know today,” Caufield said, “this oral bacterium evolved with them in a simultaneous process called coevolution.”

It would be interesting to know how this bacterium managed to appear in the first place - did it, for example, coincide with a change in the dietary habits of early modern humans - was it caused by consuming starch or sugars that had not previously been on the palaeolithic menu, or did it jump from another species entirely. It would be good to have an idea of which other animals, presumably mammals, that have been in close contact with humans, and which also suffer from cavities caused by similar bacteria, and whether we can also trace their movements over the past few hundred thousands of years.

“By tracing the DNA lineages of these strains,” Caufield said, “We have constructed an evolutionary family tree with its roots in Africa and its main branch extending to Asia. A second branch, extending from Asia back to Europe, traces the migration of a small group of Asians who founded at least one group of modern-day Caucasians.”

Additional branches, tracing the coevolution of humans and bacteria from Asia into North and South America, will be drawn in the next phase of Caufield’s analysis. Hmmm. I ownder if there any "hidden benefits" of carrying this S.mutans thing around in our mouths?

Caufield’s coauthors were Deepak Saxena, adjunct associate professor of basic science and craniofacial biology; Yihong Li, associate professor of basic science and craniofacial biology, both at NYU College of Dentistry; and David Fitch, an associate professor in NYU’s Department of Biology.

Caufield’s findings are reported in an article in the February issue of the Journal of Bacteriology.

Wouldn't it be fascinating to uncover more about population expansion throughout Ancient America, as well as to discover whether the bacterium, and others like it, confer benefits that we have so far not yet detected - after all, natural selection would surely by now have rooted out a bacterial threat that only caused harm and pain at such a superficial level across so many members of the population, and the fact that Streptoccocus mutans is now available in 60 varieties, indicates that there is a very strong selective element at play.

And if our own natural selection processes are unable to get rid of S.mutans, it can only be a matter of time, and of course a huge leap in orthodontic and genetic technology, before we back-engineer ourselves to a state of pre-decay..

It is noticeable that even extremely old fossil teeth, and particularly those which belonged to Neanderthals, often look for all the world as if they had just won an entire series of ‘Tooth of The Year‘ competitions, such is their pristine and wholesome appearance.

Note: Information used in preparing this post includes material adapted from a news release issued by New York University and several individual articles identically titled "Tooth Decay Analysis Supports 'Out Of Africa' Theory Of Human Evolution"

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Don't worry if Technorati is failing to track your blog, despite your many pings, despite the fact that spam bloggers are climbing over you on their merry way up the T'rati ladder! Meet a gal who beat the whole Technorati Top Ten combined but never (until recently) showed up on the T'rati chart: 老徐

Xu Jinglei (Chinese: 徐静蕾; Pinyin: xú jìnglěi) or Jane Xu; born 16 April 1974 is a famous actress, singer and director in Mainland China - she recently held a party to celebrate the 100 millionth visitor to her blog, one of the most visited blogs in the world!

SFGate.com's technology reporter Ellen Lee talks with Xu Jinglei, who explains why she never blogs about politics, what effect she hopes her blog has on readers, and what impact the Internet has had on Chinese culture.
Listen (with English translation): 6:11 min
(Download Audio 2.98 MB)
Listen (Mandarin): 8:04 min
(Download Audio 3.88 MB)
You can read Ellen Lee's story on Xu Jinglei here.

Xu Jinglei has outblogged Mu Zimei, Sister Furong JieJie and Commie blogger Li-Li combined! She didn't use any Technorati spamming software or any other "dirty tricks", either! The whole world is blogging about it:

پر بينندهترين وبلاگ دنيا در هر ثانيه ...

O blogue mais visitado do mundo


Voci dai blog cinesi: formule di aritmetica per aggirare la censura

You'll find the link to Xu Jinglei's blog in my blogroll ...

Ethical Blogging [Re-Mix]

A blog about perfume jiggles the figures and hits it big on Technorati... story below!

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Blogging is not a contest - but why do I always feel like somebody is keeping score. - Blogger Pilar

Because there are certain people who are not really blogging: they think they're in a 'popularity contest.' I think it started with MySpace. The race to add "friends" and more "friends" has spread to bloggers who crave links, hits and "recognition." They think that by chalking up hits they're becoming popular. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

[Foreword] Bobby, Marzie, fellow-bloggers all over the planet: "While it is troublesome to have one's ideas critiqued...sometimes mercilessly...there is very little we can do about it once we've launched them into the ether. This is the understood risk of the Internet." I want you to experience this post as critique, with a dash of criticism.

Technorati is a wonderful tool and I am one of the first bloggers who signed on when the service initially became available. But Technorati has had it's fair share of imperfections: times when tagged posts were overlooked, times when the world's most popular blog (Xu Jinglei's) wasn't counted by Technorati even though the Chinese blogger was averaging 300,000 hits PER DAY (and that went on for months). Then there were those who manipulated Technorati by topic, like when Tammy NYP and her sex tape were making the rounds on the Net. Then there was the time T'rati added MySpace "blogs" in their count --- I still say most of them are not really blogs--- and now people are using T'rati's "Favoutites" count to manipulate the stats!

I came across Marzie after joining MyBlogLog. She's a nice girl, who managed to blowout Technorati. She's made plenty of cyber-friends, myself included. She's racked up hits and links and been favourited... but, for what? Does anyone really care about what she writes? She's made friends, and that's good. She's highly ranked in Technorati, bit so-whattie? July 10-16 there wasn't a single new post on her blog: a recent post is all about Technorati: In My Technorati Train Ride she offers a software download "Technorati Cheat." What is the point? Is she a blogger or a link-hog? I have no quarrel with Marzie but I do have a quarrel with a blog devoid of what a blog should contain. Marzie, I luv ya but you should be on MySpace, not blogspot! Marzie's biggest cheerleader is another blogger, Bobby Revell:
Before I get into it, My friend Marzie is now a Technorati 10k blogger!
How did she get there? With a little help and a heaping load of friendliness!

Congratulations Marzie! Going from 7,000 on June 10th to 10,000 today. One month of viral linking, schmoozing and being herself got her where others cannot. I am so Happy for her The nicest person on the Internet.

MY QUESTION: Marzie,now that you're "there," what are you going to do, what CAN you do, to KEEP READERS INTERESTED- KEEP 'EM COMING BACK??? "...if you talk to many of today’s bloggers, they’ll complain that the game seems fixed. They’ve targeted one of the more lucrative niches: gossip or politics or gadgets (or sex, of course) yet they cannot reach anywhere close to the size of the existing big blogs. It’s as if there were an A-list of a few extremely lucky, well-trafficked blogs then hordes of people stuck on the B-list or C-list, also-rans who can’t figure out why their audiences stay so comparatively puny no matter how hard they work..." Lucky you, you also-ran! You can read the entire New York Magazine article [just click HERE!]

So, Marzie's blog has skyrocketed. Big Hat Tip to Bobby Revell. But who is Bobby Revell? He appeared on my radar with something that looked like it would become a marvelous blog: He may delete it (or certain posts) once he sees I've linked to it here. Although he has acknowledged my original "Ethical Blogging" post, he's taken care NOT to link to it! The services that scientifically measure the popularity of blogs and blogposts has this writer's blog listed, and let me tell ya, I'm waaaay down on the chart. Revell and Mariuca don't show up. almost like they don't exist!

Perhaps the real Bobby Revell can be found in "Where's the cash in blogging?" where he expresses anger at Google and says he expects to be PAID for blogging!
"My Grandmother taught me about that basic lesson when I was a child. They are taking severe advantage of our tender hearted blog-love. I feel dirty, like I have been spat on by a city leader. These massive cash machines need to pay us. How can these rich, disgusting misers live with themselves?"
Whoa, Bobby!!! Remember, Bobby preaches that all Bloggers are "brothers and sisters." Even though the original version of this post slighted Marzie a bit for stooping to cheat Technorati and urging others to follow suit, she remains in my blogroll... I profiled her blog in a recent post (written after the original "Ethical Blogging" post). I'm convinced more than ever that Marzie should plant herself firmly on MySpace, where her mentor Revell is already established. A friend of mine, looking over my shoulder as I type this, says it's obvious to her that Bobby and Marzie are engaged in an online courtship. Ya think? I had her take a look at Revell's "Woman: God's Masterpiece" blog. She says she finds it "disturbing." I for one, do not: I too have posted in the past about hot blogger babe types. It's not a crime! If you Google Bobby Revell, you'll find he has many talents to his credit, he's a writer, a filmmaker... but he's got this "pay me for blogging" thing going on right now... I've seen bloggers claw their way up to making oodles of cash, but the ones who are still around know better than to use techniques and softwares clearly targeting manipulation of ranking and reporting services.

Let's get back to Marzie, who is now a "writer" on the "Woman God" blog: (wonder what God would say about cheating Technorati) Remember, it's a blog, not a popularity contest. For now, that Technorati download on Mariuca will probably keep Marzie's traffic coming. (Until T'rati gets wise and takes measures to prevent this kind of spamming) ... But here's the thing: (and this is what us B-list and C-list bloggers see all the time) after averaging out, Marzie's daily traffic report may read something like "25 returning visitors; 500 new visitors." The trick is to entice readers to come back to your blog regularly: DAILY if possible. While it's great to have 600 hits a day, it's meaningless when 580 are "new" everyday, looking for software or attracted to a particular topic. Wham,bam, thank-you ma'am! They'll never be back. Never get to know you. I was visiting Marzie almost every day, from July 10 through 16, leaving messages in her tagboard "Marzie, howzabout posting something new?"

Revell was unhappy with that statement. I stand by it. The only bloggers I know who have been able to continue to attract hits during LONG absences are Xiaxue and The Albany Eye!

My old Capital Region People blog still gets 250 hits a day, and I haven't posted anything meaningful on it in over a year! I'm not linking to it because I don't WANT more hits on it. Out of over 1,000 posts I wrote there are but a handful whose subject matter continues to attract new readers everyday! They're all new, none ever come back... It's crazy!

I had a similar experience with another blog... I finally had to go in and delete the entire blog, as I couldn't believe that the beat up old blog continued attracting hundreds of readers a month!

The chart at left represents a website that is NOT a true blog!
Blogger Paxton posted about a comment made on another blog being turned into a post by someone else. In answer to Paxton's Ethical Blogging , Scio, Scio commented: Firstly we have to remember that the Internet is a public space. Any thoughts or ideas we put onto it which are not exclusively copyrighted are subject to commentary. While it is troublesome to have one's ideas critiqued...sometimes mercilessly...there is very little we can do about it once we've launched them into the ether. This is the understood risk of the Internet.

A strong, informative post Ethical Blogging 101 tackles everything REAL bloggers should be concerned about! Here's a batch more:

Ethical blogging and the problem of anonymous bloggers

Blogsvertise and ethical blogging

Healthcare Bloggers Code of Ethics

The Ethical Blogging "Buzz"

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Around The Blogosphere 30 July 07

To find out exactly what's going on in this picture, mouseover and click on the mouse!

“I have always found his films to be difficult to watch, always knowing, though, that I was watching a master at work.” Babalu Blog acknowledges the passing of Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, as does Jonathan at Trinidad’s Studio Film Club blog.

How newspapers can keep young readers Plus a couple of teens reflect on the state of publishing

Several bloggers are commenting about Alessandro Ludovico's article "The Persistence of Paper" - "Paper publishing will never be the same again. It is deeply affected by a dual contradictory need. On one hand, real-time updating is pervading the printed page space with various technologies, and on the opposite, the need for something reliable and not dependent on the lack of tcp/ip waves or electricity is more and more precious for a generation stuck for most part of the day close to their unstable laptops. Various disembodiment of paper is practiced on the net and in connected devices, but the immobility (so the reassuring stability) of the printed page is on the other end growing..." [full article]

Ryan McLaughlin, a very innovative blogger and long-term resident of China has just released Censortive, a WordPress plugin which converts words into images which fit seamlessly into your blog post, allowing it to subvert keyword filtering. Chinese character support is still being developed. Any suggestions?

“This is what I feel writing and self-publishing has given me the right that I was born with–permission to speak.” Forrest Gump helps Jamaican blogger Geoffrey Philp understand the meaning of freedom.

Freedom also comes from books and from being able to READ them!

YouTube is Lovin' it (McDonald's to use YouTube videos in its ads) (Boston Globe)

Toothache 'N Television

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It's been years since I've watched TV at 3 in the afternoon on a weekday. I left work a little early, as the toothache pain became more and more unbearable. The box was already set at 10 when I turned it on... it was "General Hospital" but with no familiar characters. Luke? Laura? Cassadines? Amy? Leslie? Quartermaines?
[aside] You can experience GH here: "There has never been another story like it in the annals of Daytime TV and there never will be. Monty and her stable of young stars had lightning in a bottle and they shared it with the world. We all raced home everyday to see what would happen next, giddy with anticipation." A generation before raced home everyday to catch the latest episode of "Dark Shadows" but that's a post for another day!
(That's why I like "The Young & The Restless" - you could have stopped watching it in 1984, tune in today and in three episodes max you'll not only be up to speed, you'll wonder if they stick Victor and Nikki in stasis pods between tapings: they look exactly the same!) I switched over to 6 and lo and behold there's Dr. Phil. That dude could use a stasis pod! I finally settled on 13 and Rachael Ray. I confess I've never seen the show before. I see why people love her so much. She was great! (And she's from Glens Falls, just like good ol' Hacksaw!)

Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

Some people say the end of July into the beginning of August is the "real" summertime. Those "lazy hazy crazy days" when life slows down "and the livin' is easy". In my case, things slowed to a crawl over the weekend thanks to that killer toothache (which I'm still dealing with). I ran into a former co-worker who now sells stuff fulltime via eBay and Amazon. He was telling me that right now he has over 9,000 items listed across the two services, but he's only selling about 30 items a week (compared to more than 30 a day in Winter). Let's face it, most people aren't spending as much time online in summer (even bloggers are uploading shorter posts) save for jumping on the computer very early in the morning or very late at night. I wonder if this is peculiar to North American culture. In places like Mexico, South America, Singapore and India, it's hot all the time, so I suppose there's nothing climactic (short of a monsoon) that really affects people's time online. I was perusing several US & Canadian blogs over the weekend and noticed the size and number of posts seems to be down. So, perhaps the lazy hazies are days when we're too busy having fun or vacationing or introspecting to bother with much of anything else. I did find a couple of items on Global Voices which you'll find below. There's a video that's on YouTube right now (I'm sorry I didn't keep the URL) for one of the great songs of summer "It's Summer" by War. It's one of those songs you won't hear on corporate controlled radio. It's there, you may have to search for it. I've found that there's a lot of video on YouTube that the standard YT search won't pull up. I think it depends on information the uploader keys in as to how it all gets sorted.

Joshua joins the “Stop trying to save Africa” debate: “Those in the Afro-blogosphere have heard these points many times, though they seem to stick more when they come from a provocative headline penned by a much acclaimed young novelist whose classmates (he graduated from Harvard in 2005) are the ‘perky young blondes’ working on Save Darfur and other post-9/11 youth led grassroots movements. I want to address one particular subtle point that Uzo makes.”

Cathy introduces her new venture that reduces plastic waste by creating their own range of fashion conscious reusable shopping bags. “Our initial step is to get Filipino shoppers into the habit of refusing plastic bags when they shop. Our next step is to create even more bags which will have more of a statement and function beyond what can be seen.”

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iPhone SIM Unlocked

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The iPhone has been unlocked. Or so an Engadget mobile article about a new YouTube video posting suggests. YouTuber ozbimmer, in his video, demonstrates how he’s able to make an outgoing call with an iPhone registered to the Australian network Telstra.

read more... »

Top 5 Chat/IM Apps for the iPhone

Times Union Warning

As Popeye once said, "I can't stands no more." After weeks trying to get a complete Saturday Times Union, I give up!

The Albany Times Union's $1 Saturday edition is the biggest local ripoff going! When you pick up that dollar paper, look inside. Look for the TV magazine. Look for PARADE magazine. Look for the Sunday comics. If the paper is missing components (and if enough people do this) maybe the TU will stop gypping readers.

This has been going on for several weeks!

Scenario: April 2007 - Hannaford at Delaware Plaza. No PARADE. No comics. I asked a clerk about it who brought over a manager, who had no clue...

Saturday 7/28 I visited CVS, Eckerd and Stewarts, trying to find a complete Dollar TU. NO LUCK. The bewildered manager at Stewart's had the nerve to say "Parade doesn't come with that paper." I GOT PISSED. I held page one up to his face and said "read this" -"Saturday's paper with Sunday's features" and "Parade magazine inside." The Times Union no doubt is saving an incredible amount of paper and ink (MONEY) by not including all the features: they benefit again because many pissed off people (too shy to stand up for their rights)decide to go back the next day and buy the $2 Sunday edition just to get the magazines, sales papers, comics that weren't there Saturday.

This is not a petty matter. It's a matter of integrity. The Times Union should cut the Saturday papers to 50 cents if they're going to deliberately withhold sections. And, conveniently, the paper's offices are closed after 12 noon if you try to call and complain. I think what's happening, is that by the time Monday rolls around, folks have more important things to do than to waste time on the phone complaining.



Internet Stupidity

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What the hell is this Firefox "feature"??? Do websites pay to be hidden in some secret file? This happens to me on home, work and public computers. It's probably happened to you: you click on the address bar to go to a site you've been at earlier yesterday or today, but Firefox decides to bring you to some f'd up website you've NEVER been to and never had any intention of visiting!

What's wrong with "MyBlogLog"??? Loved the service, until today "you must change your password for security reasons" --- MyBlogLog management must be on crack: leave people's passwords alone! What will happen is bloggers won't remember the new password, and you'll either get barraged with email asking for help, or (more likely) these members will NOT come back.

Then, there's Hotmail. The one very annoying feature that compromises user's security. If you make a typing error when entering your E-mail addy or password, the screen refreshes and defaults to "Save my e-mail address" which is exactly what you DON'T want to happen. The setting should always default to "Always ask for my e-mail address and password." Albany Public Library computers will let another user get right into your e-mail or MySpace!

Who are the brilliant scientists who prove above that they are not brilliant at all!

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Someday someone is going to be up all night with a severe toothache, and a search engine or perhaps a link from another source will bring them to this post.

I just endured a night of what you're going through. Out of nowhere a few days ago, a minor toothache, which I thought was a gum irritation because the teeth in that area all appear to be healthy. That minor toothache got bigger and hurtier until I wanted to huff and puff and blow the house down. So, at 2:09AM, I turned on the computer and began googling terms like "home toothache remedies" and "severe toothache." I discovered that many others had experienced the same thing I was experiencing, had tried the same remedies I had tried. Google and Yahoo both brought me to a bloggers' 2005 blog post about a toothache!

Of all the temporary cures and remedies, here's what is working for me this morning as I wait for a callback from the dentist: 400mg (2 caps) Ibuprofen every two hours and sip on hot coffee or tea. Of all the ice packs, compresses, oral gels and larger doses of Ibuprofen I tried, the 2 caps every 2 hours works the best! Go figure!

Nothing I write here will take away the pain. I did read a few horror stories of people driven to yank out the offending tooth with pliers, something I would not recommend under even the direst of circumstances! I hope you feel better: if you have any antibiotics leftover from a previous bacterial infection you could take those until you get to a dentist or emergency care center.

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Outsourcing DMV data to Mexico

Do you know where your drivers’ license numbers, car license numbers, birth dates and addresses are headed? Michelle Malkin does...

Debate About The Debate

It's weeks and weeks away, but Republicans are already obsessing over another YouTube/CNN debate: Bryan Preston has a new Hot Air vid urging Republicans not to run from the scheduled Sept. 17 YouTube/CNN debate.

Around The Blogosphere 27 July 07

Today's featured blog is Marzie's Mariuca blog.

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What is blogging all about? Is it about sharing one’s daily life and/or thoughts with the rest of the world? Is it then an autobiography of sorts? Can a blog be deemed as literature? Suman Rehman, who labels himself as an ‘uploader’ rather than a true blue blogger, sets the tone for a discussion in the Bangla blogosphere. Global Voices picked up the story.

I told ya so! My post on Ethical Blogging = Blog Brawl! I still say "it's a blog, not a popularity contest!" Now read this: Technorati is a poor source of blog ranking data …

Here's a great post from The Reasoner: Question: Do you prefer reading A-list blogs over non-A-list blogs?

JK Rowling gives a bit more closure to all the closure she provided in Potter #7. Lots of spoilers! This story reveals some key plot points in the final Harry Potter book. So if you've haven't finished the book, J.K. Rowling asks that you not click on the link above.

Was Pat Tillman murdered?

"The medical evidence did not match up with the, with the scenario as described," a doctor who examined Tillman's body after he was killed on the battlefield in Afghanistan in 2004 told investigators.

The doctors - whose names were blacked out - said that the bullet holes were so close together that it appeared the Army Ranger was cut down by an M-16 fired from a mere 10 yards or so away.

Tether your iPhone: EDGE Internet on your laptop Recent developments have allowed iPhone hackers to compile background applications for the iPhone - among the most interesting so far is srelay, a SOCKS proxy server.

srelay running on your iPhone opens up a very exciting possibility - you can use your iPhone's EDGE connection with a laptop or other Wifi-enabled device.

Pang Jia-ming writes in his blog he received death threats through mobile text messages and e-mails. According to blogger Wang Kei qin, Pang is an investigative reporter from China Economic Times (zh). To show support for Pang, Wang reposted Pang’s message.

(Global Voices) Erynnyes from Those were the days commented on the recent cyber bullying case and pointed out that the blogger and editor Zhou Li had also made unfair comments on Mr. Nike, as she drew groundless correlation between the uploading of Japanese AV to the increase of youth sex crime. The blogger pointed out that the cyber bullying on Zhou would only result in psychological stress while her writing would result in criminal charge of Mr. Nike (who had disappeared from the internet) (zh).

The Picture of The Day comes from blogger Peppermint: I must be getting old..

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 26 July 07

HOW TO - Track (and document) currency

MAKE: Blog from MAKE: Blog

MAKE blog is featured in this post! Remember when your momma used to tell you: "Wash your hands after touching that money. You don't know where it's been!" Well, now you can reply: "I do so!

read more... »

I agree with Dallas Penn: You Need The Blade Runner DVD In Your Life… You might want to add "Wild Style" and "The Warriors" to that DVD want-list. One of my favourite old movies is "King of New York" which I just happen to own on VHS.

Music fans check out Final Fantasy - Fantasy (Mariah Carey cover, Live)

As floods continue to rise up across China this summer, leaving hundreds dead and millions fleeing from their homes, citizen reporter bloggers in China have been keeping a close eye on the developments...

Alicia writes about when bad infomercials happen to marginally crappy stars.

Miss Scotch saw a coffee ghost.Have you heard about the Death Cat?

Public Radio’s Social Media Experiments: Risk, Opportunity, Challenge

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PDFDownload full report This report analyzes the results of a survey of public radio stations and highlights the successes and challenges of integrating new social media tools into the mission of public radio.

Video Fun With NY Governor Eliot Spitzer

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Don't you just love politics?

Spitzer vs. Fred Dicker

Spitzer visits the Albany Times Union

The New York Post wants Albany County DA David Soares to get involved.

Hmmmmm... maybe if we search the TU and the POST we might find hidden messages too! I'm not saying that any such thing is going on here. Maybe this will give others ideas...

As long as we're looking at FUN POLITICAL VIDEOS, have a gander at Harry Reid eats crow on border security funding: “I was wrong and Senator Cornyn was right”

How Online Video Is Changing the Internet, Part 1: Overview
Understand how online video works, where and how it's being used on the web, what makes it effective, and what lies ahead.
Watch the video

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Reactions to kidnapping of Koreans in Afghanistan

Breaking: Bullet-riddled body of S. Korean found…Update: Report of freed hostages denied

(Global Voices) South Korean Christian missionaries were abducted in Ghazni, south-west of Kabul, on the 19th of this month. The abductors who kidnapped 23 missionaries are Taleban fighters. The hostages were abducted from a bus travelling from Kandahar to Kabul. What the Taleban fighters demand to the Korean government is first to withdraw the South Korean forces in Afghanistan and to swap the 23 men and women for jailed fighters. The Korean troops had been scheduled to withdraw by the end of the year. While a team of South Korean hostage negotiators arrived in Kabul and the South Korean government is still in negotiations in Afghanistan, a question that has come up is why the missionaries had to go to such a dangerous place even though the government strongly persuaded them to avoid that place several times and whether their decision has been right or not.

A blogger, Lee Dae-geun, insists that there should be a new law to prohibit Christian missions.
Not a few bloggers, like Yundream, focus on the irresponsibility of the church that sent 23 young people.

Suya 55 criticizes that opinion.

Shiver likens the Afghan situation to a movie.

There is a global petition to free the hostages here:

her posting privilege.

Other Keyboards

  1. The American Pundit » Blog Archive » Bullet-Riddled Body of a South Korean Hostage Found
  2. Webloggin - Blog Archive » Taliban A-Holes Kill Korean Hostage
  3. What the Crap? South Korean Christian Hostages «
  4. Bill's Bites
  5. Hero « The Ramblings of Mathaytace Christou
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  7. Muslims Hate you « Toms FlashBacks
  8. Taliban Executes First Korean Hostage at ROK Drop
  9. discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus

Comments may be left below...

Think Links!

The last word on Harry P: The Mad Momma on Potter Mania!

MySpace goes south of the border via MySpace Mexico

Wonkette rumored to host the MySpace town hall meetings

Parents can beta test MySpace's ParentCare

Here's a link to PICTURES of that idiotic UNICEF "blackface" campaign...

Like TV? What are You Watching?

Like exotic fruits? Check out Tulip Speaks' What was it like to be in a kampung?

The Fairy Godmother (of Quinceañeras)

A lot of things in life really need faith. Do you really have faith?

A lot of folks need a way back and forth. Try Manifesting a Car in Eleven Days on for size!

When was the last time you did nothing?

While we're introspecting: 7 Ways to Help Yourself Recognize Opportunity.

Life Is What You Make It!

Have you heard The Tedy Bruschi Urban Legend?


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The New York Taxi and Limousine commission is attempting to bring NYC Yellow Cabs into the modern age with new technology that enables credit card payments, TV show clips, live GPS data, and public service announcements.

read more... »

David Pescovitz: For years, my friend Greg Benjamin has used YellowCab666 as his online handle, in honor of an actual taxi in San Francisco. Now, it turns out that the latest cabbie to hold that particular taxi medallion number, Michael Byrne, believes that it's cursed.

Daddy Dex

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Actors Lisa Bonet, 39, and Jason Momoa (Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis), 27, have welcomed a daughter, Jason's mother announced on his official forum Saturday. The couple have not yet chosen a name. This is the first child for Jason; Lisa has an 18-year old daughter and a 12-year old son.

Safe At Home

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Beware the cuckoos are all around us...

If you watched Dateline NBC Sunday night on American TV, it was enough to scare the bejeezus out of ya so you'll never use a credit or debit card online ever ever again... but there's more going on out there in cyberspace... more than Nigerain scammers...MySpace has located and deleted a stunning 29,000 registered sex offenders from its site -- more than four times the number it initially reported! Spinn3r blog did a post-mortem of the spam attack that caused two spam stories to appear on the home page of Tailrank on Sunday night... hmmm... was it those Nigerians again?

An FBI proposal to pay the nations' telecoms to store phone records for years and to provide instant access to agents raises concerns about American's Constitutional rights, according to the ACLU.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 24 July 07

Here's a cute little blog you're sure to enjoy: even if you don't grasp the language the pictures are interesting! Click on the pick for some real Balderdash!

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I thought it might be a nice idea to feature a blogger with a photo or screenshot with every new "Around the Blogosphere" post. So check out "Balderdash" above! Even though my blog has vanished from Technorati, I'm still able to pull some data, such as linking blogs. So, I've added a link at the bottom of every post that "finds" other websites reacting to the individual post. It's a tool, to be used along with the blogspot "Links" link, to gauge reaction and see who might be linking back to me. Tools are a good thing, especially when you use a variety. That way, if one service goes down or goes out of business, you've got "backup" already installed on your blog. I'm also testing "bumpzee" which is similar to "MyBlogLog" and will hopefully give me a little more insight into other blogs and bloggers.

French rapper / blogger Gen-Si asks Mes Vidéos préférées et toi quelles sont les tiennes ? My favourite videos and you, what’s yours? Blogders, show Gen-Si some love and tell her what your favourite Soul or Rap video is!

From videos to politics---Liz Benjamin: "Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno's staff is keeping him away from the media at the moment. He has no public schedule and is not doing any interviews.

When Bruno does choose to go public, it's going to be a big story, which means Troopergate will be kept alive for yet another day - no doubt much to the chargin of Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

Bruno's office just issued the following statement..."

Fred LeBrun: "Well, doesn't Attorney General Andrew Cuomo know how to throw a 50-pound skunk into the parlor?"

From politics back to videos! XiaXue: Road Trip Episode 7 is up Go watch it now! After you watch Wendy, mosey on over to this Drawing by three girls who spotted a UFO, then watch Soupy Sale's sons perform Day Tripper... do ya like watchin' Internet TV? Sample 8 Internet TV apps in 8 weeks ...kaninka.net : Massive Leak of Pre-Air TV Shows: Piracy or Promotion? - Several TV shows from the upcoming TV season have leaked to BitTorrent over the past week. ...Now, here's a few iLinks for ya!

iPhone and the analyst delusions
AT&T delivers Iphone figures
Open links in new pages on the iPhone
Fetch iTunes song information from Yahoo!
Buzz: Iphone vs. Harry Potter!
The Top 10 Things I Love About My iPhone

Studio Film Club longs for the days “when there were film reviews in the local newspapers. Proper film reviews, written by people who knew what they were writing about” - and links to a blog that fills the void.

Jeremy Zawodny : The Enormous Gmail Productivity List - The Enormous Gmail Productivity List: a good collection of links for gmail users!

Blogging Defined

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"Blogging is the act of publishing content online in a space that is yours - usually chronologically ordered. It could be videos, audio, short text messages, photos - all forms of multimedia. It could be in your own space where usually you use a text-driven blogging platform, and to which you can add plugins for a multimedia experience, or it could be within a social network space - like youtube, twitter, etc " - Dina Mehta

Dina also offers 'Us vs Them'? and Google has my past - and my future

Brad Feld on Entertainment and Media Dark Matter of the Blogosphere: I've been fascinated with blog comments since I started blogging. The "blogging is a conversion meme" is a long standing one and the notion of engaging a real community around a blog is fascinating and a lot of fun. However, the blog commenting infrastructure sucks. While data entry is fine, authentication and identity are miserable (anyone can be anyone just by entering a name), conversations are generally impossible to manage, blog spam is pervasive, and tracking conversations is difficult. [more]

Geekchic: FlyUpload é um serviço onde você pode armazenar e compartilhar arquivos (vídeo, foto, mp3, zip, rar, etc) de até 2GB. As transferências de download são ilimitadas além de serem práticas e rápidas.

Global Voices' Ndesanjo Macha writes in Nigeria: Talking About Aggregation, Copyright and Professionalism "Who knew that when the people behind Naijalive.net decided to set up an aggregator (or an "aggregator" of a different kind, as they put it), their efforts would lead to a discussion about aggregation, copyright and professionalism? What is a blog aggregator? Is copying and pasting a form of aggregation? Must owners of aggregators seek permission from bloggers before using their content? What are the technical requirements for a good aggregator?"

Godfrey Guilty

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Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares announced today that CLAIRE GODFREY, 36, of Seminole County, FL, pled guilty to Criminal Diversion of a Prescription Medication in the Second Degree, a Class D Felony, in front of the Honorable Stephen Herrick. Godfrey faced a maximum of 2 to 6 years in prison.

Godfrey gets five years probation in a plea deal. The Orlando Sentinel reports Godfrey has agreed to be the key witness in Albany County D-A David Soare's national steroids case.

For further information on ‘Operation Which Doctor’, please check http://www.albanycountyda.com/owd/which_doctor.htm or head to http://www.albanycountyda.com/ and click on ‘Operation Which Doctor’ in the bottom left hand box on the main page.

The CNN/YouTube debate

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The first question in US presidential debate history to not come from a moderator came courtesy of Chris, a thin white man sitting at a small table at his home in Portland, Oregon. I'm totally impressed with the Democratic candidates opening up to take queries from real people via YouTube! Awesome format, with the grass-roots questions asked by real people! 39 questions were chosen by CNN from a reported 3,000 or so total submissions. One YouTube questioner asked about nuclear power and three of the Democratic Party candidates answered the question: John Edwards answered that he opposes nuclear power. Barack Obama said he supports nuclear power. Hillary Clinton said she was "agnostic" on nuclear.

The Washington Post provided a summary overview of Monday night’s South Carolina debate.

Questions included:
A breast cancer patient on health insurance

A Groucho Marx puppet is troubled by the lack of opportunities for homeownership in overpriced real estate markets.

The mother of an American soldier on whether the Democrats are putting politics above conscience.

A Maryland man asks which Republican the candidate would pick as a running mate.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Better Blogging 4

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(that's her in the picture to the left!)

BETTER Looks like we're on a "Better Blogging roll" --- or something--- now, take my post on "Ethical Blogging" --- whoa! Them's fightin' words among some bloggers who don't realize it's a blog, not a popularity contest! Yours truly came down hard on bloggers who are pushing software that "helps boost your technorati rankings" --- it's kinda like you have no musical talent, but you burn 100,000 CDS and then distribute stolen credit card numbers to thousands of people so they can buy your CD. Hate to tell ya, but they couldn't care less about you or your music! Sure, you're at the top of the charts, "technically" but not in reality --- it's the same way with those bloggers --- they're way up in rank, but nobody is really interested in reading anything they've written!

徐静蕾Jinglei Xu 明星资料捷报宽 While some bloggers are busy, relentlessly trying to boost their rankings in Technorati, yours truly has once again slipped thru the technocracks. It's happened before (and it'll happen again) - this humble blog nowhere to be found on technorati. That's why you don't pin all your hopes on one service! Remember, the geniuses at Technorati went a whole year and then some without even recognizing the world's #1 blogger, Xu Jinglei!

This is why I didn't, don't , and you shouldn't ever feel bad should Technorati fail to "see" your blog:
After all sorts of netizens pointed out that Chinese actress / director / blogger Xu Jinglei's super-popular blog flew completely underneath the radar of blog search engines and ranking sites like Technorati, the folks over at T'rati made some changes, so now Xu's blog has displaced Boing Boing as the #1 ranking blog. But guess what? Xu says she could care less whether Technorati ranks her blog or not! Way to go, girl!

Speaking of Xu, she is “The most-read weblogger in the world.” On 19 Jul 2007 Xu Jinglei celebrated her 100 millionth hit since starting the blog less than two years ago, according to the Chinese website Sina. " It is not unusual for Miss Xu to receive 1,000 responses to a posting about her cats or the difficulties of learning English for a 33-year-old Beijing girl turned actress. A weekend post about watching an episode of the American TV series Prison Break drew approx. 800 comments. Her image as the girl next door, often dressed simply in jeans and T-shirt, enhances her appeal." Wow--- I have all I can do to scare up ONE comment per post (and I think I write some halfway decent stuff)! What's wrong with you people, anyway? BTW There's a link to Xu's blog on my blogroll at right! It's in CHINESE - so if you don't have Chinese fonts, you'll see some little square boxes or ??? question marks under my "Dailies" (blogs I read faithfully every day) beyween links to oliviersc's blog and Roba Al-Assi. Click on the boxes or ?'s and you'll be taken to Xu Jinglei's blog! If you're not that daring, This link takes you to a Google-translated version of Xu's blog, which some find eerily beautiful - like reading Philip Sydney while stoned!

ELSEWHERE IN THE BLOGOSPHERE Hey, whatever you do, don't tell PJ Media blogger Michelle Malkin about this: “Two hundred twenty-two years and two weeks ago today, the United States made the peso its official currency …” Si!

Hackers are having a field day! Dean Takahashi: "I was surprised it took so long after the June 29 launch..." The iPhone is now "officially" vulnerable to cyberattack! The flaw would allow outside influences to gain complete control of the iPhone by tricking the user into visiting a malicious page, which in turn can trigger the device to send personal data over a WiFi connection to another computer. The flaw can apparently be used to access any data on the phone and/or invoke functions like dialing phone numbers. A video demonstration is here — showing the iPhone connected to a malicious network with a spoofed Web page having data forcefully extracted, and a Mac OS X Terminal screen receiving the data. PDF of preliminary technical paper here.

ISE website with instructions here.

Yes, there are creeps online I was checking my website stats to see how people found my site and someone had done a yahoo search for "things you can make at home to j.a.c.k o.f.f." My site was listed under the results cuz the words matched the words in my post about blog jacking. Well...this link was in the results too and I clicked to see what it was.

It disturbed me, of course. Some of these men were as young as 7 and 9 years old according to what they said. Makes me worry about the little boys I love. Look at how many of them were molested by their cousins or best friends while having a sleepover. This ish is scary to say the least..." WARNING! NSFW

Over almost before it started: A UNICEF Germany campaign that will definitely anger many Africans and friends of Africa: This is an actual ad-campaign by UNICEF Germany! This campaign is “blackfacing“ white children with mud to pose as “uneducated africans“.
The headline translates “This Ad-campaign developped pro bono by the agency Jung von Matt/Alster shows four german kids who appeal for solidarity with their contemporaries in Afrika.” The Campaign was quickly scuttled... UNICEF has decided to end their “Black Face” campaign: “African American Opinion Pundit decided to write to UNICEF about their “black face” campaign.
And their response:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We agree — these advertisements are not appropriate and run against UNICEF’s mission. They have been dropped from the UNICEF German National Committee’s website and there are no plans to use them in the future. We apologize for any offence caused.”

Go Gaia! NOT the soon to be ex-Mrs. Sweeney!

Like your politics w/french dressing? Looky Here!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Better Blogging 3

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Wendy Cheng (XiaXue) on " Creating the Top 7 disgusting bloggers blog" asks "Don't we all just love backlash?"

Not in the least bit! I'm already being deemed as bullying handicapped-toilet users, foreign workers, filipino rape "victims", why not disgusting bloggers to cap it all off?!

Please stop telling me whoever and whoever took it so graciously and therefore I suck. I DON'T CARE! I'm tired of being fake and PR and being the bigger person. I want to be the petty and smaller p"
You said it, Wendy! Albeit looking a bit intimidated by Wendy's post, Marina's Bloggariffic comes back with an "answer" post 7 Bloggers in Singapore that I admire.

Javier Aroche expresses his sympathy for the closing of the Blogs.com.gt site, which provided free hosting for Guatemalan blogs.

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