Thursday, July 19, 2007

All Your News Are Belong To Us

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How many bloggers are making money blogging? Here's an article from Business Week that talks about “bloggers” making millions online. The article, entitled "Bloggers Bring in the Big Bucks: How a personal obsession can turn into a popular favorite and maybe even a full-time job" was written by John Tozzi, a BW intern.

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? is NOT a true blog. (Dats why heez intern) - It's more of an "office joke" site--- y'know the kind that your IT manager eventually has to block from the company firewall but y'all use a proxy to look at it anyway, kinda like those NSFW sites. It looks to me like this blog ripped the Zebras vs. Crocodiles dialect from "Pearls Before Swine" and applied it to unusual photos of pussycats. This isn't a blog, it's a fluke. But if it makes people laugh, helps office workers goof off and makes money for the creator(s), more power to 'em. There's always room at the top!

Many seasoned, skilled reporters view chunks of raw news as "pearls" and some see citizen journalist type bloggers as "swine" unfit to comment, let alone report on developing stories. Click on the "Pearls Before Swine" comic to the left to read the strip and click here for the related WikiPedia entry.

A reporter gathers information, conducts interviews, checks facts, all based on existing known or published information. The idea, to borrow a phrase from Fox News, is to have a fair and balanced product in the end. There are times when newspeople make mistakes, after all, we're all only human.

Enter the blog... now, in Summer 2007 a diverse collection of people-friendly media. There is no way you can compare one against another. Just like a TV show, each has its own style, merit, slant and character. I can tell you in all honesty, I enjoy reading all of the blogs contained in my blogrolls, plus a few more... I select them according to my mood, time of day, and after being a regular visitor, I know what some bloggers will be posting before they actually upload!

One segment of bloggers eventually morphed into Citizen Journalists of various persuasions, including the "Pajamas Media" folk. Conservative bloggers are using wiki tools to fact-check the MSM. Check out the Media Mythbusters blog and the Media Mythbusters wiki. The Center For Citizen Media blog has an awesome post: Citizen Media: A Progress Report which is rather lenghthy, so be sure to either print it out or bookmark it, as you'll find yourself using it as a directional point or reference. It's advice is a bit different than some you'll find in other places.

Patricia in Monterrey MX blogs that about an invitation she received to participate in an international blogging effort, the brainchild of Sharm, an Egyptian interested in uniting races, languages and ideologies to demonstrate to the world that differences sometimes can unite us... hey, that's like what my blog is all about! Paty's first post on Sahrm's blog may be read here!

World United Bloggers - WARNING! The site has a few nasty pop-up ads, so make sure you've got your blocker tweaked!
La semana pasada recibí una invitación a la que no me pude negar, ya que se trataba de participar como miembro en un blog creado por Sharm, un chico egipcio interesado en unir razas, lenguas e ideologías para demostrarle al mundo que las diferencias a veces nos pueden unir.

Así que como mexicana pondré mi granito de arena para alzar una voz en pro de la paz, tal vez pocos nos lean o tal vez lleguen a ser tantos que podamos hacer algo mejor por este mundo del que hemos abusado mucho.

Ya es hora de demostrarles a los líderes de este mundo que las diferencias entre nosotros no tienen porque hacernos enemigos.

Los invito a este Blog denominado como Bloggers Unidos del Mundo (World United Bloggers) y a leer mi primer post en él titulado Gente:

The 2nd Africa Enterprising Blog Carnival addresses issues of foreign aid, trade, business and entrepreneurship, ” Readers will also find assorted topics on business concepts and ideas under the Universal Business Tenet category.”

More reading:
Citizen Media Company Bought by Traditional Media Company

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  1. You have very interesting topics in your blog... by the way, Paty is my friend, seems that World United Bloggers is a good project... I hope the topics on that blog gets better and better day after day.

    A hug

  2. I agree! Great project, but they need to find and remove the source of that annoying popup ad!

  3. Hi Dave -

    I commented on the post above. Again, I agree with you. It's great to bring bloggers together to help bridge the gap between countries and languages.

  4. Hi Dave,
    Just to let you know that World United Bloggers (WUB) now has no popup ads or any other inline ads. I would appreciate if you could be kind enough to remove that warning in this post. Thank you for linking back to us and for the appreciations.

    Vice Chief for Technical Support
    World United Bloggers


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