Saturday, July 14, 2007

Another Tape Another Tape Another Tape

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ABC Blog READ and decide!

I still have a VHS taped off live TV on 9/11 (I've given to a friend for safekeeping) which has many interesting moments on it, including the report where Osama Bin Ladin told BBC he had "nothing to do" with the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

Months later there was that crazy obviously fake Osama tape miraculously found in Afghanistan (you know the one starring that Maharishi-lookalike guy).

I agree with this commenter on an abc blog today: "Have you figured it out yet? Whenever the Bushies feel cornered, out come the tapes! FEAR! FEAR! FEAR! If you're afraid enough, you won't question anything. You'll just be thankful that they're allowing you to live another day. If you don't get it BY NOW, you're just another sheep."

Anyway, ABC, you know, the network that told us Exclusive: Terror Commander: New Attack Will Dwarf Failed Bomb Plot, has discovered a NEW Osama bin Laden tape message on the Internet!!!!

Here's a litlle Deja Vu from 04/23/06:

In his first new message in three months, Sheik Osama bin Laden said the West's decision to cut off funds to the Palestinians because their Hamas leaders refuse to recognize Israel proved that the United States and Europe were conducting "a Zionist crusader war on Islam."

"The blockade which the West is imposing on the government of Hamas proves that there is a Zionist crusader war on Islam," said the speaker on the tape broadcast by the Al-Jazeera network. (more...) Michelle Malkin suggests that now is a good time to read or re-read Robert Spencer's "Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)." (MM's blog entry)

Not so many years ago, Osama bin Laden, seized by passion, vowed to change the state of HIS world. He used a little violence, broke into peaceful lives and blew up more than the furniture while the owners WERE home. Complications followed on September 11, 2001 when the US was "attacked" and the Twin Towers and Pentagon hit by aircraft. I still have a videotape I made that day containing a combination of various TV channels covering 9/11. Osama bin Laden denied involvement.

The BBC broadcast bin Laden's statement of denial in which he said:
"I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity. That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks..." {excerpted from here}

Here is where the operation goes wrong and takes an interesting turn: A videotape purportedly showing Osama bin Laden confessing to the 9/11 attacks was made public on December 13, 2001. The tape bore a label indicating it was made on November 9. Administration officials wouldn't reveal exactly how or when they got it, except to say it was found in a house in Jalalabad after anti-Taliban forces moved in. A German TV show found that the White House's translation of the video was inaccurate and "manipulative".

On December 27, 2001, a second video tape caught the US government completely off-guard: the tape was reportedly made on November 19, 2001 - ten days after the "lucky find" tape was reportedly made. Are we supposed to believe that Osama's skin, hair and beard changed color in ten days?

The mystery does not end there. What actually happened to Osama bin Laden and who is he really? Why did an audiotape suddenly surface NOW that Bush is being raked over the media coals??? Did "they" get to the "real" Osama somehow? Spin! Spin! Spin!

Again, it's up to YOU! READ and decide!

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  1. Hi Dave! I think Mossad and Chadra Levy were involved in 9/11 and the Oklahomar bombing too!

  2. Sigh. Why does nonr of this surprise me?


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