Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Around The Blogosphere 24 July 07

Here's a cute little blog you're sure to enjoy: even if you don't grasp the language the pictures are interesting! Click on the pick for some real Balderdash!

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I thought it might be a nice idea to feature a blogger with a photo or screenshot with every new "Around the Blogosphere" post. So check out "Balderdash" above! Even though my blog has vanished from Technorati, I'm still able to pull some data, such as linking blogs. So, I've added a link at the bottom of every post that "finds" other websites reacting to the individual post. It's a tool, to be used along with the blogspot "Links" link, to gauge reaction and see who might be linking back to me. Tools are a good thing, especially when you use a variety. That way, if one service goes down or goes out of business, you've got "backup" already installed on your blog. I'm also testing "bumpzee" which is similar to "MyBlogLog" and will hopefully give me a little more insight into other blogs and bloggers.

French rapper / blogger Gen-Si asks Mes Vidéos préférées et toi quelles sont les tiennes ? My favourite videos and you, what’s yours? Blogders, show Gen-Si some love and tell her what your favourite Soul or Rap video is!

From videos to politics---Liz Benjamin: "Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno's staff is keeping him away from the media at the moment. He has no public schedule and is not doing any interviews.

When Bruno does choose to go public, it's going to be a big story, which means Troopergate will be kept alive for yet another day - no doubt much to the chargin of Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

Bruno's office just issued the following statement..."

Fred LeBrun: "Well, doesn't Attorney General Andrew Cuomo know how to throw a 50-pound skunk into the parlor?"

From politics back to videos! XiaXue: Road Trip Episode 7 is up Go watch it now! After you watch Wendy, mosey on over to this Drawing by three girls who spotted a UFO, then watch Soupy Sale's sons perform Day Tripper... do ya like watchin' Internet TV? Sample 8 Internet TV apps in 8 weeks ...kaninka.net : Massive Leak of Pre-Air TV Shows: Piracy or Promotion? - Several TV shows from the upcoming TV season have leaked to BitTorrent over the past week. ...Now, here's a few iLinks for ya!

iPhone and the analyst delusions
AT&T delivers Iphone figures
Open links in new pages on the iPhone
Fetch iTunes song information from Yahoo!
Buzz: Iphone vs. Harry Potter!
The Top 10 Things I Love About My iPhone

Studio Film Club longs for the days “when there were film reviews in the local newspapers. Proper film reviews, written by people who knew what they were writing about” - and links to a blog that fills the void.

Jeremy Zawodny : The Enormous Gmail Productivity List - The Enormous Gmail Productivity List: a good collection of links for gmail users!

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