Monday, July 23, 2007

Better Blogging 4

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(that's her in the picture to the left!)

BETTER Looks like we're on a "Better Blogging roll" --- or something--- now, take my post on "Ethical Blogging" --- whoa! Them's fightin' words among some bloggers who don't realize it's a blog, not a popularity contest! Yours truly came down hard on bloggers who are pushing software that "helps boost your technorati rankings" --- it's kinda like you have no musical talent, but you burn 100,000 CDS and then distribute stolen credit card numbers to thousands of people so they can buy your CD. Hate to tell ya, but they couldn't care less about you or your music! Sure, you're at the top of the charts, "technically" but not in reality --- it's the same way with those bloggers --- they're way up in rank, but nobody is really interested in reading anything they've written!

徐静蕾Jinglei Xu 明星资料捷报宽 While some bloggers are busy, relentlessly trying to boost their rankings in Technorati, yours truly has once again slipped thru the technocracks. It's happened before (and it'll happen again) - this humble blog nowhere to be found on technorati. That's why you don't pin all your hopes on one service! Remember, the geniuses at Technorati went a whole year and then some without even recognizing the world's #1 blogger, Xu Jinglei!

This is why I didn't, don't , and you shouldn't ever feel bad should Technorati fail to "see" your blog:
After all sorts of netizens pointed out that Chinese actress / director / blogger Xu Jinglei's super-popular blog flew completely underneath the radar of blog search engines and ranking sites like Technorati, the folks over at T'rati made some changes, so now Xu's blog has displaced Boing Boing as the #1 ranking blog. But guess what? Xu says she could care less whether Technorati ranks her blog or not! Way to go, girl!

Speaking of Xu, she is “The most-read weblogger in the world.” On 19 Jul 2007 Xu Jinglei celebrated her 100 millionth hit since starting the blog less than two years ago, according to the Chinese website Sina. " It is not unusual for Miss Xu to receive 1,000 responses to a posting about her cats or the difficulties of learning English for a 33-year-old Beijing girl turned actress. A weekend post about watching an episode of the American TV series Prison Break drew approx. 800 comments. Her image as the girl next door, often dressed simply in jeans and T-shirt, enhances her appeal." Wow--- I have all I can do to scare up ONE comment per post (and I think I write some halfway decent stuff)! What's wrong with you people, anyway? BTW There's a link to Xu's blog on my blogroll at right! It's in CHINESE - so if you don't have Chinese fonts, you'll see some little square boxes or ??? question marks under my "Dailies" (blogs I read faithfully every day) beyween links to oliviersc's blog and Roba Al-Assi. Click on the boxes or ?'s and you'll be taken to Xu Jinglei's blog! If you're not that daring, This link takes you to a Google-translated version of Xu's blog, which some find eerily beautiful - like reading Philip Sydney while stoned!

ELSEWHERE IN THE BLOGOSPHERE Hey, whatever you do, don't tell PJ Media blogger Michelle Malkin about this: “Two hundred twenty-two years and two weeks ago today, the United States made the peso its official currency …” Si!

Hackers are having a field day! Dean Takahashi: "I was surprised it took so long after the June 29 launch..." The iPhone is now "officially" vulnerable to cyberattack! The flaw would allow outside influences to gain complete control of the iPhone by tricking the user into visiting a malicious page, which in turn can trigger the device to send personal data over a WiFi connection to another computer. The flaw can apparently be used to access any data on the phone and/or invoke functions like dialing phone numbers. A video demonstration is here — showing the iPhone connected to a malicious network with a spoofed Web page having data forcefully extracted, and a Mac OS X Terminal screen receiving the data. PDF of preliminary technical paper here.

ISE website with instructions here.

Yes, there are creeps online I was checking my website stats to see how people found my site and someone had done a yahoo search for "things you can make at home to j.a.c.k o.f.f." My site was listed under the results cuz the words matched the words in my post about blog jacking. Well...this link was in the results too and I clicked to see what it was.

It disturbed me, of course. Some of these men were as young as 7 and 9 years old according to what they said. Makes me worry about the little boys I love. Look at how many of them were molested by their cousins or best friends while having a sleepover. This ish is scary to say the least..." WARNING! NSFW

Over almost before it started: A UNICEF Germany campaign that will definitely anger many Africans and friends of Africa: This is an actual ad-campaign by UNICEF Germany! This campaign is “blackfacing“ white children with mud to pose as “uneducated africans“.
The headline translates “This Ad-campaign developped pro bono by the agency Jung von Matt/Alster shows four german kids who appeal for solidarity with their contemporaries in Afrika.” The Campaign was quickly scuttled... UNICEF has decided to end their “Black Face” campaign: “African American Opinion Pundit decided to write to UNICEF about their “black face” campaign.
And their response:
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We agree — these advertisements are not appropriate and run against UNICEF’s mission. They have been dropped from the UNICEF German National Committee’s website and there are no plans to use them in the future. We apologize for any offence caused.”

Go Gaia! NOT the soon to be ex-Mrs. Sweeney!

Like your politics w/french dressing? Looky Here!

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  1. Hi Dave,

    keep writing quality posts . . . that's my goal even on days when I don't get hundreds or thousands of page views (or even dozens) . . . how long have you been blogging?

    Nice site.


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