Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The CNN/YouTube debate

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The first question in US presidential debate history to not come from a moderator came courtesy of Chris, a thin white man sitting at a small table at his home in Portland, Oregon. I'm totally impressed with the Democratic candidates opening up to take queries from real people via YouTube! Awesome format, with the grass-roots questions asked by real people! 39 questions were chosen by CNN from a reported 3,000 or so total submissions. One YouTube questioner asked about nuclear power and three of the Democratic Party candidates answered the question: John Edwards answered that he opposes nuclear power. Barack Obama said he supports nuclear power. Hillary Clinton said she was "agnostic" on nuclear.

The Washington Post provided a summary overview of Monday night’s South Carolina debate.

Questions included:
A breast cancer patient on health insurance

A Groucho Marx puppet is troubled by the lack of opportunities for homeownership in overpriced real estate markets.

The mother of an American soldier on whether the Democrats are putting politics above conscience.

A Maryland man asks which Republican the candidate would pick as a running mate.

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