Sunday, July 29, 2007

Internet Stupidity

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What the hell is this Firefox "feature"??? Do websites pay to be hidden in some secret file? This happens to me on home, work and public computers. It's probably happened to you: you click on the address bar to go to a site you've been at earlier yesterday or today, but Firefox decides to bring you to some f'd up website you've NEVER been to and never had any intention of visiting!

What's wrong with "MyBlogLog"??? Loved the service, until today "you must change your password for security reasons" --- MyBlogLog management must be on crack: leave people's passwords alone! What will happen is bloggers won't remember the new password, and you'll either get barraged with email asking for help, or (more likely) these members will NOT come back.

Then, there's Hotmail. The one very annoying feature that compromises user's security. If you make a typing error when entering your E-mail addy or password, the screen refreshes and defaults to "Save my e-mail address" which is exactly what you DON'T want to happen. The setting should always default to "Always ask for my e-mail address and password." Albany Public Library computers will let another user get right into your e-mail or MySpace!

Who are the brilliant scientists who prove above that they are not brilliant at all!

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Ian Kennedy said...

Hi Dave,

Sorry about the password update on MyBlogLog. We had to do this in order to update the way we store passwords on the system and make it more secure. Forcing people to re-enter their password was a necessity, not a choice.


MyBlogLog Product Manager

The Randomness said...

My sentiments exactly Dave re: MyBlogLog. People will just lose ineterst. The funny thing though is that I was never asked to change my password. Should I be happy or sad?? lol What I noticed though was that it kept asking me to join and then just logged in using me old details....anyhoooo...

Hotmail - Don't even start - I gave up on mine a long time ago. It takes too long to load (Live blah blah and then when it does it keeps doing something in the background and slowing down everything). I swear by GMail. They better keep it in tip top shape.

Great blog you have here!

Anonymous said...

i have the same problem with firefox and i thought maybe it was just my computer

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