Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Think Links!

The last word on Harry P: The Mad Momma on Potter Mania!

MySpace goes south of the border via MySpace Mexico

Wonkette rumored to host the MySpace town hall meetings

Parents can beta test MySpace's ParentCare

Here's a link to PICTURES of that idiotic UNICEF "blackface" campaign...

Like TV? What are You Watching?

Like exotic fruits? Check out Tulip Speaks' What was it like to be in a kampung?

The Fairy Godmother (of Quinceañeras)

A lot of things in life really need faith. Do you really have faith?

A lot of folks need a way back and forth. Try Manifesting a Car in Eleven Days on for size!

When was the last time you did nothing?

While we're introspecting: 7 Ways to Help Yourself Recognize Opportunity.

Life Is What You Make It!

Have you heard The Tedy Bruschi Urban Legend?
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tulipspeaks said...

thanks for the link.


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