Saturday, July 28, 2007


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Someday someone is going to be up all night with a severe toothache, and a search engine or perhaps a link from another source will bring them to this post.

I just endured a night of what you're going through. Out of nowhere a few days ago, a minor toothache, which I thought was a gum irritation because the teeth in that area all appear to be healthy. That minor toothache got bigger and hurtier until I wanted to huff and puff and blow the house down. So, at 2:09AM, I turned on the computer and began googling terms like "home toothache remedies" and "severe toothache." I discovered that many others had experienced the same thing I was experiencing, had tried the same remedies I had tried. Google and Yahoo both brought me to a bloggers' 2005 blog post about a toothache!

Of all the temporary cures and remedies, here's what is working for me this morning as I wait for a callback from the dentist: 400mg (2 caps) Ibuprofen every two hours and sip on hot coffee or tea. Of all the ice packs, compresses, oral gels and larger doses of Ibuprofen I tried, the 2 caps every 2 hours works the best! Go figure!

Nothing I write here will take away the pain. I did read a few horror stories of people driven to yank out the offending tooth with pliers, something I would not recommend under even the direst of circumstances! I hope you feel better: if you have any antibiotics leftover from a previous bacterial infection you could take those until you get to a dentist or emergency care center.

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Dave Lucas said...

Here is an update for you (Friday August 17th) - my root canal is now completed. (Except for a crown, which I'll get done next month). It wasn't that bad as I had good dental insurance, just $170 out of pocket. I'm still on antibiotics for another week. If you have a toothache, believe me, I KNOW the pain. Get to an emergency care center or see a dentist as soon as you can. If you're poor, contact social services or someone else in your community who can help!

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