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WTEN Gets the Answers

It's the weekend... which means WRGB Channel 6 won't be out "asking tough questions." They'll be doing things like giving their best reporters the day off or putting them in the anchor chair. Or, assigning them to try and send text messages while driving. That reminds me, I got several emails and a few comments about a post critical of that particular story. It wasn't the story itself that was bad. It was the "teaser" piece promoting it.

The casual viewer, whose attention is usually distracted during breaks (getting something out of the ref or yelling at the kids) saw only the TV6 reporter having trouble driving a car and some pictures of cell phones. As one commenter sugegsted, all 6 needed was somebody with a brain to throw up a graphic or a crawl saying something akin to "TEXT MESSAGING AND DRIVING DON'T MIX... RENE MARSH REPORTS AT 11." If you saw the story later, you instantly understood. But I'll bet that a lot of folks who saw the tease and not the piece think Ms. Marsh can't drive and talk on a cell at the same time. I like Channel 6. I don't like seeing too many fumbles. Nobody is perfect, self included, but c'mon!
(aside) I'm always impressed with the work the guys and gals at Capital News 9 put out. They can gravitate from reporter to anchor's role with grace, and I suspect that's because they do it all. They're in the field with cameras in tow, taping their own footage. They write and edit their stories along with the video. they're comfortable being in front of the camera.
For over the air television news in Albany, Channel 10 continues to impress me. The presentation. The "look." The reporters and anchors have never been better or brighter: John McLoughlin and Traci Egan are out there everyday kicking newsbutt. The studio anchors usually appear to be in control.

This morning I went searching for news on Albany TV. Here's why I'm a bit cool to WNYT: while 6 and 10 aired the news, 13 was remodeling a bathroom. From the get go, Channel 10's report was hot, while 6 served up a warmed over edition of last night's stories.

10 has been on the Harrison Carnevale story like a pit bull on a cat. While 6 again ignored the story, 10 was reporting as one of its lead stories about the woman who killed young Harry Carnevale. Yes, KILLED. I knew there was more to the story when Albany police began distancing themselves from it before releasing the victim's name.

From news reports: Police said Marianne Williams, 31, is responsible for Harry's death. Williams, who has not held a valid New York driver's license in about nine years, was chased by police for running a red light just before the crash. But, police say they called off the pursuit seconds before because it was too dangerous. Williams is now awaiting charges for manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide.

Update:The Albany woman accused of killing a Latham teen in a car crash earlier this week just minutes after a police chase was indicted Friday on manslaughter and other charges, Albany County prosecutors said.

At 2:35 a.m. Sunday, Marianne Williams, 31, was driving her 1997 Plymouth Voyager minivan east on First Street at a high rate of speed, District Attorney David Soares' office said.
She ran a stop sign at Henry Johnson Boulevard...
(aside) I once had the pleasure of working under a really "tough boss," a man well-known and respected in the Albany news market. He once chided me for an on-air story: "Dave, it's not a drunk-driving accident. It's a drunk-driving CRASH." While the Carnevale case did not involve a drunk, it DID involve a serial reckless driver, who will likely again roam free and kill someone else someday.
There's been a lot of recent chatter on the trade boards about Channel 6:
"I understand that all of the newscasts on that station are being automated by a computer system called Ross. it was installed and rolled out over the past few months so that freedom/blackstone (nice IPO, BTW) can cut about 4 people from the staff. it often does weird stuff without warning and without being told to do it...... including not turning mics on and going to black at random points.

now that i think about it, those are the perfect set of circumstances to set up the CBS6 Drinking Game! Go to black? Do a shot.

the stuff spewing from 6's transmitter must be a huge embarassment to those folk. technically that station has always been rough around the edges, but every newscast that airs (if they air at all) is sub-college-quality.

How long until the viewers and/or advertisers start asking some "tough questions" of their own? has anyone seen a commercial on that station that hasn't been upcut yet? what about furlong's alleged "6-Sigma" campaign to eliminate technical errors, as stated when he first took up the corner office on balltown. guess thats out the window "
Ed, Tom and Nicole in the morning are enjoyable to the point of being entertaining. I enjoy waht they do and the way they do it. Now if we could just get the Channel 6 reporters out there to ask some of those tough questions and provide ET&N with some real material. The past week was really bad. Nicole on vacation, and everytime the remote stopped on 6, Ed and Tom were talking a la "what would Nicole say" (or do) or "if she were here Nicole would be reading the horoscope." that's like saying "if it was snowing today we'd be shoveling and plowing." A few years back I was filling in for WROW afternoon drive host Dan Lynch. In the opening moments I uttered the then-common phrase "Dave Lucas, sitting in for Ed Lynch." At the first break, PD Paul Vandenburgh was in the studio. "Davey, you're not sitting in for anyone. You're here so the listeners can hear YOU." I never forgot that! When a popular player is off the set for a day or a week, don't stop every few minutes and remind the public that they're not there!

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Dave, you rfirst post about Carnivale creeps me out. Who are these people "praying" to Harry? whats up with that?

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