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Around The Blogosphere 29 August 07

Blog of the Day: Ambiome!

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Ambiome (fr) cheerleads for the blogosphere: “Entre décembre 2004 et décembre 2006, le nombre de blogs dans le monde est passé de 5,4 à 63,1 millions selon Technorati. La blogosphère a donc vu sa taille multipliée par plus de 11 en 2 ans. En octobre, ce sont 100.000 nouveaux blogs qui sont créés par jour, et 55 % de blogs seraient actifs, c’est-à-dire mis à jour à un rythme d’au moins une fois tous les trois mois…We are a part of the Web, we are the BUZZ !!!

Speaking of BUZZ, check out Bloglines Beta. Fidel Castro is on Twitter. EFF has published the latest installment in its annual RIAA v. The People, "Four Years Later," which is a comprehensive, exhaustively researched and cited white-paper on the RIAA's campaign against music downloaders.

MySpace Fashion (Anastasia Goodstein asks "Is it me or is MySpace becoming more 'portal-like'?") Plus, TIME has an excellent short piece on why Facebook is the future.

MoTIC (fr) provides us with statistics on LiveJournal, which has been blocked in Morocco for over a year, as well as other blocked sites. 403 Access Denied Checker: this early alpha release is a useful piece of software that scans a large number of URLs and finds the ones that your country has banned!

Dan Gillmor is back with another excellent post: Minnesota’s New Daily “Paper”

"Ambiguous characters like Buddha, Homer and Shakespeare gain new perspectives, and the fathers of the mediatic guerrilla, like Monty Cantsin, see a new dawn; among them, grows the seed of the free and shareable knowledge which finds in the network its digital materiality and finally release, uncontrolled, the pure data flow..." thus bloggeth Neural.

Bahrain’s bloggers are bracing themselves for their 32nd Bloggers’ Gathering on September 1, announces Mahmood Al Yousif.

Alain Mabanckou regrets the lack of new works by Black Francophone writers at the 2007 “rentrée littéraire” in France.

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Bettina Perroni said...

Uhhh interesting topics!

¿Do you think that a blog will be in a short future will be like to have an email account or a cell phone?

Interesting according to statistics. It is maybe because we all have something important to say.

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